Some Post Wedding Rituals in a Marathi Wedding

Marathi wedding is not restricted to a particular day and the celebrations and ceremonies continue post-wedding too. It is not just one day of fun; the couple and their family enjoy and participate in almost a week filled with festivities and ceremonies.  Let us have a look at the post wedding rituals that are an integral part of the post wedding ceremonies of a Marathi matrimony.


Laxmi Narayan puja : A newly married couple is said to be a symbol of Laxmi and Narayan; i.e. Lord and Goddess, and hence everyone including the groom’s mother, worships them like we worship our deity and all seek their blessings as they are symbol of love, prosperity and harmony.

Pathavni :  This is definitely the most daunting and emotional post-wedding ceremony, i.e. pathavani.  Almost like bidding farewell to the bride by her family as she now is a part of a new family. The bride seeks blessings of her elders and parents and wishes her siblings a good life and luck. While the bride is meeting her family members, the groom goes and pick the the idol of Annapoorna deity and keeps it in his pocket. Later this deity is placed in the groom’s house, it represents that there will be no dearth of food and prosperity in his house.

Varat : Amongst the tears of pathavni, the groom and bride sit inside the car and starts the varat. A procession that carries the bride to the groom’s house is varat. It comprises groom’s family, his friends and so forth.  Lovely music is played; firecrackers are burst to announce the arrival of a new bride. This joy and celebrations, lightens up the bride’s mood too.

Grihapravesh : Every moment of the new bride’s life is a celebration, as she enters the groom’s house for the first time, there is a grihapravesh ceremony held in her honor. A bowl filled with rice grains is placed at the threshold and the bride kicks it with her right feet. This symbolizes that the new bride rings In prosperity.

Satyanarayan puja: Post wedding, generally the next day or the day after, a puja is held in the honor of the newly married couple. A priest comes and performs it, and the newlyweds perform it as per his instructions.  This is the first venture they undertake as a husband and wife; they seek blessings for a prosperous and happy married life. Later, there is a lovely Maharashtrian feast to celebrate the puja.

Kuldevat Puja:  Every ritual and ceremony is ticked off the list, however there is still one more to be taken care off. Every family has a deity that has his or her temple in a particular village.  After the Satyanarayan puja, the newlyweds go and seek blessings of the groom’s kuldevat (family deity). They either go on alone or the groom’s family accompanies them.

A Marathi wedding is a perfect mix of rituals, traditions and merriment.  It respects our traditions as well as ensures that everyone has a good time.

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Essential Pujas Before a Traditional Marathi Wedding

Marathi wedding is all about respecting your traditions and following simple rituals. Throughout the wedding, there are ceremonies to worship and seek blessings of different deities. As the couple embarks on a new journey, the idea is to start it on a positive and happy note. Let us take a look at the essential pujas that are performed before a traditional Marathi wedding starts.

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Seeman Puja:  The wedding ceremony kicks off with a welcome ceremony or Seeman puja. As the groom and his family arrives at the wedding venue; the bride’s parents welcome them and greet them. Hindus believe that guests are like Gods and they are to be respected accordingly. The bride’s mother washes the groom’s feet and smears chandan or sandalwood paste on his feet. She applies haldi and kumkum on the groom’s mother’s forehead. And, later with diyas and silver plate, the groom’s family’s aarti is done by the mother.  And amidst smiles and chatter, the groom and his family enter the wedding venue.

Ganesh puja:  Every and any ritual is incomplete without the blessings of Lord Ganesh.  The Ganesh puja is to worship him and seek his blessings so that the entire wedding ceremony and the marital life of the newly-weds is sans any hardships and obstacles. Everyone prays to Lord Ganesh and thus the wedding ceremony begins. There are separate pujas performed by bride and groom’s family respectively.

Devdevak:  After worshipping Lord Ganesh, the bride and groom and their families pray and worship their respective gods and deities. Each family has their own deity they pray to and before they venture into a celebration they thank their family deity and also seek his blessings. This includes God and Goddesses that have their temples in the native villages of the families.  It is not always practical for the families to visit the villages, so the priests perform a puja at the wedding venue itself.

Gauri Haar puja: Just before the garlands are exchanged, the bride goes away from the main venue. She adorns a yellow or golden colored saree gifted to her by her maternal uncle and prays to the Goddess Parvati idol placed on a mound of rice. She keeps placing grains of rice and flowers to the Goddess.  She prays for long life of her groom and a happy marital life. She goes on praying, until it is the muhurta or the auspicious time to get married.

The ceremonies or the pujas are referred to with different names in different regions of Maharashtra. However, the key idea is to seek the blessings of every god for a successful and happy married life of the newly-weds with Marathi Matrimony. Though with passage of time, the wedding venue and themes have changed, the love and respect for God is unparalleled.  Different deities like Brahma, Parvati, Ganesh are worshipped and respected. Not just that, even the different planets like Rahu are worshipped; even diverse energies like akash and agni and Jal are respected.

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Diary Of A Balija Bride

To share the plans and inspirations that a Balija bride has for the day of the wedding is fantastic and it brings back all those things that she has harbored in her mind for long. As a matter of fact, the feeling is hard to express but the fact that she wants to begin life with someone whom she has probably met for a few years or even a week before the wedding create a sensational excitement. One of the most important things on which the bride focuses is the look and it should be different than the way in which she may have dressed up until now. While Balija Matrimony is all about a series of rituals, there is little to explore but the preparations to bring the change must begin early.

  • Busy with preparations: You should never be too busy with the preparation which steals the tine that you spend for yourself. Instead of roaming in the sun and doing all the shopping, you can take time out to pamper yourself. Taking a bath with mineral salt and rose petals added to the water is the best you can do during the day.
  • Call the beautician: You may have thought of visiting the beauty salon a couple of times but never mind if you have discarded the idea as you can invite the salon expert at home and relax.
  • Pay attention to the teeth: How about all those make up on the face with a smile which exposes your yellow teeth? It is hard to find out how the reaction may come from the other end but if you pay a little bit of attention and carry out dental polishing before the arrival of the big day, there is not much harm you will do to your teeth but surely win over people with smile.
  • Buying the sari: The experience is more important than the sari but it would be bookish to say that and the best you can do is to experiment with colours. You can try different hues of shades that are bright or combine the bright and light shades to complete the wedding. When you allow love to sparkle, it shows its glitters all the way.
  • Enjoying a tea party: Celebrating the fervour of wedding with a tea party is all that you need to light up the occasion in more ways than one. However, it can create the way for another session of brainstorming with the entire set of friends expressing their perceptions about wedding and its preparations.
  • Driving round the town: Giving a boost to your driving skills is one of the things you can do to set the stage alive. The best option is to derive around the city which will create a feeling of empowerment and all that you have learnt about woman emancipation until now is to be implemented subtly.
  • Talking to the fiancé: You can take your time out for the day and speak to your fiancé about anything and you bet it is the best ways to avoid being judgemental but knowing a person becomes easy.

Wedding is destined as once in a lifetime occasion and the same is applicable for Balija Matrimony and its rituals. Make sure that you celebrate life in the way you have penned the lines in the diary.

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Get The Right Groom Look For The Balija Wedding

When it comes to Balija Matrimony, the ways in which the groom should dress up and the appearance are things you need to consider. Just as the bride looks bright and energetic on the day of the wedding, the groom must reflect an equal spirit and fervour. As far as the appearance of the groom is concerned, it is not so much about what you can create rather synchronising the appearance with the attire which can make the difference. The happiness that lurks around and the jittery feelings showcase how the groom needs to look during all the rituals that care to be held before the wedding and a day before that. Similar to the bride, the groom also needs to apply a bit of those natural packs that can bring the change even if temporarily and the climate during the wedding ceremony is one of the things that you should keep in mind.

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  • Exercising before wedding: With all the belly fat that the groom may have accumulated over the years, it is not easy to get it down in a few months. However, it is always possible to shed a few kilos and this is the first step you can take to create the appearance of the groom.
  • Do not starve: Although you may need to shed a few pounds before wedding, there is no need to starve as it can take away the brightness to a certain extent. It is necessary that you eat healthy and avoid all those things that can make the appearance.
  • Choosing the attire: When it comes to the attire of Balija Matrimony the dhoti is indispensible. However, the men have started to deviate from the traditions and many of them prefer the modern day suit, sherwani or the dresses that the grooms wear in the northern part of India. Whatever it may be, the appearance of the groom is to be taken into consideration and what you nut be suitable for the groom according to the built and height.
  • New clothes: It is true that during the rituals of the wedding ceremony, the groom is showered with gifts and clothes and no matter how traditionally the groom needs to dress during the wedding, the rest of the clothes can be purchased according to the preferences of the groom. Shopping with the bride a few days before the wedding brings the couple close and builds the mutual trust which is needed.
  • Elegant and gracious: To present yourself as a groom in front of rest of the people, the groom must portray a lot of elegance and graciousness in the attitude. In no way can the groom invest in a dress which is cheap or colours that do not work with the traditional aspects of wedding.
  • Carrying the attire: Regardless of the dresses that the groom should wear during the wedding ceremony, it is good enough to carry the attire well and depicting smartness is the way to look like a groom on the big day.

The appearance of the groom on the day of the wedding can change a lot of things such as the feelings of the bride and the way in which the ceremonies are perceived. Buying the right clothes and applying optimum makeup is a good way to begin.

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Matrimonial Sites – How Are They Changing Lives of Families

The onset of Matrimonial Sites spawned the idea of revolutionizing and changing the concept of partner search, or more precisely bride and groom search sans many hassles and complications. The entire phenomenon has improved and bolstered the net structure and mode of partner search. Once upon a time, this task was really time consuming and hectic because there was rarely a guarantee if a search would result in some substantial outcome or not. The sites have brought about sweeping changes in the domain of marriage searches.

You can find numerous advantages in the very process of a prospective partner search via the marriage bureau. That’s the central authority controlling the domain here.

  • A better platform: The sites have come a long way to provide an enhanced and new platform where you always have a way to make an enriched and ideal profile view. You can also get a perfect display and idea about the prospective person.
  • Ease in operations: At a single location across the flurry of profiles, you can go through each one as per your preferable match and interests. The Matrimonial Sites have transformed, conditioned and molded themselves in a brand new avatar in the online domain through the force and power of a magical tool called internet. It now enjoys the vast prospect of allowing you to browse through the barrage of profiles to view the search that suits you.
  • Access and easy way: Great accessibility and easy usage provided by the sites make them a revolutionary tool. The first thing begins with the registration process. It has become so much easy that you login to the details of the surface with just few clicks. You can include some little last-minute details. There, you can start the search after you got a login id. So, registering yourself is a must in the first place.
  • No geographic ceilings: The sites have deleted the once prevalent restriction of geographic area and demography in the searches. You can now find and search your life partner from anywhere in the world and to anywhere in the globe sitting at one place. What you need is a good interface like a laptop or desktop, a good and stable internet connection and immediate registration on any of the trusted sites.
  • A secure gateway: Privacy oriented and secured way of filling information and searching for the suitable one has been introduced by the concerned services. Plenty of profiles have undergone sweeping modifications as per the new rules and standards. As per your preference, you can look into profiles and see where the filter option takes you to. There are places showing only the matches that’d be in accordance with the preference you want to get in your life partner.
  • Relief for the busy ones: For the busy people, these sites have become apt and absolute. They are a great platform to search and find you life mater.

You log into the sites in your free time while on tours, travels or leisure and do it. Even parents can use it as they are so easy to operate.

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Matrimonial Sites and What They Offer

Majority of Matrimonial Sites are safe and secure. The premier sites and website portals understand that people look for an easy interface and user-friendly mechanism to set forth with their search. There is a conscious understanding of the fact people are here to look for a prospective partner with whom one can settle down. Marriage is one the minds and it is not like a dating site where you can be up to adventure and escapades. No, all the members are serious and established. They are here because they are very busy in life. The professional obligations and hassles propel people to flock to these websites, which have mushroomed with time.

The reason for their viability is free registrations and easy and simple forms. Registering with these websites is a cakewalk. You just have to update your basic details like age, name, gender, phone number and email Id to start with.

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  • Refined and quick search: A trusted website provides you with a variety of search modes and operations to bolster your partner search. To find an appropriate partner or suitable profile, you just have to update your preference for partner. Don’t forget to update as many details as you can to start your search. Remember, the more details you share with the sites, the better search outcome you will get. A fast search provides fast-paced search results depending on minimum details that you share with the website.
  • Affordability: This is one of the central benefits of Matrimonial Sites. The websites are really affordable pertaining to the membership aspects and format. They offer you scores of affordable membership programs and plans to meet your requirements. You will find so much room and time to purchase a sound membership plan anytime for speeding-up your search. You’ll find that each of these packages is very affordable. They are also as low as one thousand rupees as or even less than that at times.
  • Open platform: The websites are always an open platform. You will find that anyone can register with them irrespective of their religion, caste, community or occupation. These websites entail and invite active registration of all members. If you have attained a marriageable age and are logged into the site, that’s an imperative. Never hesitate to make your registration with any of the websites in case if you’re looking for an ideal partner.
  • Customized services and calls on request: To make your quest simpler and easier, you can opt for paid special and personalized services anytime. Members can purchase a personalized package which might bring the best search results. You can thus find a flurry of refined matches. You can also view contact details and other information of members. In addition to this, the websites also place and assign a service manager or advisor to manage your list and account. They are appointed to contact other members, all of whom are registered and see if anyone meets your requirements. They do the job on your behalf.

On your discretion, they share your information with the members and even schedule meetings as well.

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Horoscope matching when your Fiance doesn’t have a Janm Patri

Most people believe in Astrological compatibility (synastry) which is the branch of astrology that studies relationships by comparing natal horoscopes. A natal horoscope is a chart or map of the angles of the planets and their positions at the exact time of a person’s birth. These represent the positive and negative relationships between the planets and these relationships describe the relationship between the two people under consideration. Other than Vedic astrology it is also related to Chinese and western astrology. Indians however, largely follow the astrological signs towards leading a happy married life. The system of partner matching emanates from the concept of getting two individuals together based on the patterns in behaviours due to the planetary locations at the time of birth. It’s a science!!

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Janm Patri- A Science During Indian marriages people generally resort to matching of kundalis prior to tying the knot. This ensures that the couple don’t have any differences based on their planetary patterns at birth. Moreover, issues if any are generally dealt with through remedial measures. One needs to have a janm partri to be able to do accurate horoscope matching. The janm patri is the natal chart which depicts the position of the planets and the interplay at the time of birth. It is unique to each individual based on that particular time of birth. It is the blueprint of your life – a roadmap to how your life will shape up, right from your childhood into your career, marriage, family life and above all your personal well-being. A janm patri essentially hides the secret to solutions of all the issues in one’s life. In India most people get a unique janm patri prepared for their new born at the time of the birth. This generally ensures that the timings and other factors are all correctly noted.

Not having a Janm Patri- Janm patri is the quintessential requirement for horoscope matching and if one of the partners does not have it then it cannot be used. Janm Patris can however, easily be prepared by pandits as well as a number of websites today offer online janm patri preparation. One just needs to present all the data required. It is very important that the planetary positions are depicted very correctly in the janm patri. Any irregularities here can have a wrong impact on your life’s decisions. To avoid such a fatal risk, it is of utmost priority to consult an astrologer for your kundali.

The basic information required to get your kundali made include date of birth down to the exact second, place of birth as well as gender. In addition, to make it more accurate one can give details of location indicating the longitude and latitude and the chart style for preparation.

So, as one sees it isn’t too difficult to get a kundali made and in case one doesn’t have all the details it would be best to check with the pundit on how to go about the situation.

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