Saree Options For a Marathi Bride

Marathi Matrimony is the most simple and least grandiose wedding within India with emphasis laid on rites and rituals. Even a Marathi bride does not go over the top in terms of makeup, wedding attire and jewelry. Infact a Marathi bride is dressed simply yet looking very elegant in a traditional ensemble and jewelry with simple makeup.

Traditionally, a Marathi bride would always wear a nine yard saree from the conventional loom. It is a Paithani silk saree in yellow or green as these colors are considered auspicious. However, today, with modernity taking over every aspect of our lives, a Marathi bride also dresses up in different styles of sarees and also varied kind of sarees. Lets have a look at the variety of options that she can work around.

Multicolor Bridal Saree

Traditional Nine yard saree– A Marathi bride looks the best in a nine yard saree draped in the traditional style usually in green or yellow. All the jewelry and other accessories are visible well when the saree is draped in this manner- the waistband, the armband, head piece, necklace, the nose ring and of course earrings. It makes her look elegant and powerful at the same time.

Six yard saree– Many brides also wear the regular six yard saree and pin it up well so that the waistband and the arm band are visible. The bride looks evidently beautiful in this ensemble as well. The saree could be in any silk loom. The popular looms in Maharashtra are paithani, narayanpeth and ikkat. However, these days, brides choose other fabrics and looms as well. They are usually in silk and a bright colour to add to it.

Stone embellished saree- With immense influence from Bollywood, Marathi brides have also started wearing stone embellished and zardosi sarees for weddings and if not for the main function, they definitively try to get a designer wear for one of the pre- wedding events.

Unique Saree Styles– Brides like to try out new styles of saree draping to give a different look to their attire. Gone are the days of wearing a normal styled saree, today brides experiment with novel styles often aped from their favourite movie start or celebrity.

Every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day and how she will look on that day. These varied saree options can make any bride look like a damsel and steal a million hearts. So get set to look beautiful and elegant on your big day!

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Dressing Ideas For a Bridesmaid For a Marathi Wedding

Bridesmaid is a western culture where the bride’s sisters and friends are an integral part of the wedding. They are the shadow of the bride and have specific roles to play. Slowly this culture is venturing into India as well. Indian brides also have about 5-6 women as their bridesmaids who are the most important people at the wedding after the bride and the groom of course!

Choosing the bridesmaid is daunting task and so is deciding their attire for the wedding. We give you some ideas on how to make your bridesmaids look pretty and elegant and yet not overshadow the bride-to-be in a Marathi Matrimony.

Sarees, lehengas, anarkali suits or salwar kameez are some of the popular choices for Indian bridesmaids. However, nowadays there are special trends that are in vogue and the bridesmaids want to look nothing but perfect for the wedding.

Arya Vysya Wedding Shopping

Match it right- Pick colors from the brides ensemble and get something made for the bridesmaid out of it. For instance if the bride is wearing an orange and red lehenga with green motifs and embellishments, you could get simple lehengas made in red and green for the bridesmaid. This will give them a unique look and they will be matching with the bride as well.

Contrast is in- Today, contrast is also in vogue so you can choose a completely different color for the bridesmaid’s attire that goes with the bride’s ensemble but has no resemblance to it. For instance, if the bride is wearing an orange lehenga or saree, the bridesmaid could be dressed in a red attire or even yellow. The two colors are different but they blend in well. It will make for amazing pictures as well.

Color Play- Usually, bridesmaids outfits are monochromatic using a single color. Think out of the box and get different color outfits for each bride. You could plan to have all the hues of the rainbow or choose two-three colors that blend in well like red, orange and yellow have the bridesmaids wear these shades so no particular color gains prominence.

Mix and match- The bride and her team of bridesmaid can mix and match their color scheme. If the bride is wearing a combination of purple and pink with purple being the base color, the bridesmaids could wear the opposite with pink being the base and purple the other color. Along with the colors the bride and her bridesmaids could also mix the type of outfits they plan to wear. If the bride is wearing a lehenga for the main function, the bridesmaids could wear sarees. For some of the pre-wedding functions they could swap.

Indian weddings are all about color, celebration and fun. Lets bring out the colorful best in a Marathi matrimony through the variety of outfits the bride and the bridesmaid can wear. These simple tips will help you plan for your big day in a more aesthetic manner.

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Saree Options For a Oriya Bride

In both eastern and western practices and domains, the bride is adorned typically in exquisite apparel and fine jewelry for her wedding ceremony. It goes beyond saying that the Oriya bride is definitely one of the lavishly adorned and dressed. Oriyas are an ethnic group hailing from the state of Orissa, which falls along the eastern coast of India. The people worship Sun, revere Lord Vishnu and other Hindu deities. In Oriya matrimony, the bride is certainly the center of everybody’s attention and there is a reason behind this.

On her marriage day, she is believed and regarded as the embodiment of the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. The sheer luxury of her ensemble reflects the wealth and position of her family.

Actress Mamta Mohandas Marriage Wedding Photos Stills
  • Going by traditions: She wears accessories and jewelry based on her parents’ means. Those who aren’t that well-off, wear silver jewelry. The middle class brides can afford to wear gold jewelry and you have some of the finest pieces in marriages. Meanwhile, the affluent ones are proudly draped in sparkling diamonds and gold.
  • The saris: While preparing for the main wedding rituals, decorating the beaming with Odishan saris is the handiwork of most of the female members. The sari’s colors need to be flattening enough for the bride’s complexion or skin tone. Needless to say, Oriya matrimony tradition states that on her wedding when she will be bound to her man for life, she should yellow saris with red borders. These exquisite masterpieces are made with stupendous embroidery, which is usually weaved in gold thread. They highlight the precious jewelry further. Some of the best saris are decked in these shades and obtained from Matha silk. The fabric stands for suppleness, softness and elegance. These are brightly colored creations, also known and Mayurbhanj or Tussar silk.
  • Other sari choices: The Oriya bride has the bandwidth to choose from a variety of other types of traditional saris pertaining to her bridal trousseau. It includes heirloom masterpiece of Sambalpur, which is designed with great Passapalli motif and vintage Brahmapuri Pata styles. In addition to this, the bride may also opt for the radiant Sonepuri or vibrant Bomkai saris. Apart from using the traditional fabrics like chiffon, silk and cotton, many brides are also opting for georgette saris. They are fast gaining popularity in Oriya weddings. There are various ways to drape this form of sari. Georgette is also a fabric that you can wear and carry easily.
  • For modern brides: Modern day brides in Orissa are trying to separate themselves from the conventional mold. For example, instead of opting for the traditional yellow drapes with red borders, many women now prefer pink and orange saris, especially if these shades help in accentuating specific features of the concerned bridal outfit. Two of the most viable and voguish options for the modern-day Oriya woman are ikkat and Nuapatni saris.

You can wear the saris in many different ways. The options are aplenty for fabrics like chiffon, silk and cotton. There is a huge effort to resemble Goddess Lakshmi in the bridal attire.

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Dressing Ideas for a Bridesmaid For a Oriya Wedding

It goes beyond saying that the bride is the perennial favorite and cynosure in any wedding. That doesn’t mean that the bridesmaid is born to play second fiddle on all occasions. They have got their own zone and definitely more so in an Oriya matrimony. They are the ones who make the bride look like a queen, the leader of an army of beautiful maidens and the empress of a kingdom that she exhibits so beautifully. Playing this delicate and often undermined part deserved a separate mention. The bridesmaid dresses are to be kept in sync with the bridal outfit to enhance the wedding colors.

When you’re in a lot, as a bridesmaid it’s better to wear the ensemble which either complements the bridal attire’s colors or is similar in shade, if not the same. Here are a few ideas that may help.

  • Hue of the blue: One of the most quirky and pretty bridesmaid clothes that you can possibly come across has to be the royal and dark blue drapes. The royal blue saris worn with golden or silver blouses will never disappoint you. They will make you stand out, wherever is the wedding held. You can pair the radiant drapes with shawls and colorful, matching dupattas. In Oriya culture, the bridesmaid can perform a succinct welcome ceremony, dancing with floral strings and earthen lamps. It’d enhance the spirit and mood of your wedding. That’s what bridesmaids do, isn’t it?
  • Draping in pink: To begin with, keeping it simple is the smartest idea. The Oriya bride is draped in a sari like most other Indian brides and her entourage needs to match that grace and elegance. Finding the perfect outfit for bridesmaid in Oriya matrimony, saris to be precise can a daunting task at times. But, you can follow a real simple tip; match the bright shades of the bride’s ensemble. For example, if she is wearing something in red, then your blouse can be in black or red. The sari can be in glitzy black or teal red. The pink and lavender bridesmaid saris are outstanding and too gorgeous.
  • Exploring the modern shades: Many girls have thinking that if they are to choose their bridesmaid dresses, then they will wear dark blue, pink or reddish tones. Hence, the bridesmaid will be dressed in different colors. You can also give them a color parasol combination. These colors are purple, orange, navy blue, teal green and blue, and light pink.
  • Knitting traditions with modernity: If your bride is wearing creamy white, silver or shinny grey with red and little golden borders for a more exotic look, the bridesmaid will need to wear traditional Indian saris. The cut and colors will always vary from one another.
  • When the colors match: There are many gorgeous saris for bridesmaids. The variations depend on many inspirations. You can go for fusion ideas.

These are modern and rainbow saris that are best for you. If the bridal color is partly golden, then blue, green, purple, orange and pink would win it for you.

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How do the Oriya Wedding Rituals Steal Our Hearts

Simplicity, minimalism and straightforwardness are the apt words to describe Oriya matrimony in a nutshell. You need to bear in mind that if there’s anything truly cultural and upholds or reflects the identity or cultural essence of a community, it has to be wedding. A typical Oriya wedding ceremony exemplifies this thought. While marriage rituals and traditions are undoubtedly a time of revelry, it’s indeed a stupendous thing that Oriya weddings don’t maintain any extravaganza or opulence, so to speak. There’s no special effort to go spend lavishly or create a gala wedding blitz.

To know how of the rituals in Oriya weddings are special and steal everyone’s hearts, you need to know what they are and the things they represent or uphold. That’d give you all the answers.

  • Starting with Nirbandh: The pre-wedding rituals start with Nirbandh, which formally sets the engagement of the boy and girl. The respective fathers of the bride and groom take an oath, stating that they’ll get their children wedded to one another. The venue is the bride’s house preferably. Interestingly, the couple themselves doesn’t participate in this ritual.
  • Jayee Anukolo ritual: Typical to Oriya matrimony, it stands for the wedding rituals’ beginning phase in Oriya weddings. This is soon followed by the organized distribution of invitation cards or you may call it nimantran patras for the scheduled wedding. The most wonderful thing about the culture is that the first card is sent to Lord Jagannath in Puri. He is considered to be the family deity. The maternal uncles of the bride and groom get the second card.
  • Mangan and Jairagogo Anukolo: Elders bless the bride by applying mangan and turmeric paste on her. There are seven married women to do this part. Then she goes for a ceremonial bath. The main aim is cleansing and beautification prior to the D-day. The following custom represents the fire’s stoking after the she gets her ceremonial bath.
  • Diya Mangula puja: It stands for the congregational prayers offered at revered the Goddess temple. The family’s female barber provides toe rings, bangles, wedding articles and sindoor of the would-be bride to the goddess/devi to ask for prosperity and bliss for the girl in her married life.
  • Onset of wedding traditions: The main gig starts off with barajatri, the same word caters to Bengalis as well. It stands the groom’s majestic entrance into the wedding venue with his entourage. It includes a lot of pomp and gusto. He’s welcomed by the bride’s mother with a rice tilak and aarti. His kinsmen are warmly welcomed as well and taken to the hall with a lot of respect and courtesy.
  • Baadu pani gaadhua: Post the groom’s entrance, a member of the bride’s family gives her the news. They take her away for another ceremonial bath just before the actual rituals start.
  • Kanyadaan: This ceremony launches main wedding rituals. The bride’s father gives her hand to the groom, asking for a pledge that the guy will take good care of his daughter.

The ritual takes place at the bibaha bedi. It’s a wooden structure decorated with leaves and fresh flowers.

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Oriya Weddings: Things That Make it Special

Every marriage ceremony in India is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. The preparations are so grand that they have a festive aura and flavor in them. Oriya matrimony has its own specialties and while it gets pretty bland and repetitive to talk about the rituals and attires to decode the freshness or special features of any culture, one would say that it will be a good idea if we spent some time exploring the cuisine as well. Reason being, a crucial aspect of any marriage ceremony has to be its cuisine and Oriya weddings are no exception to this.

The people spare no efforts and edge to make it a lavish and lip-smacking affair. Considering the rich and diverse heritage of the country, each community and region entails different flavors and delicacies, which is reflected in the food served in the weddings.

Weddings by JK Creatives
  • Getting into basics: Orissa has its own niche when it’s about food and weddings are great example wherein you can savor different dishes, reveling in a typical wedding meal of the state. Most people are quick to assume that Indian meals are spicy and dipped in oil. The best this is that food served at Oriya matrimony is not that insanely oily. It’s very tasty without those concentrated spices. Well, before you come to the conclusion that mild varieties aren’t enough to interest, please rethink because a flavorful platter is ready to captivate your taste buds.
  • The dominant food: The state’s cuisine draws heavy influences from the Bengal and Puri regions of the country. Being a coastal state, fish and seafood definitely dominates the menu. For those who are avid lovers of pure seafood, an Oriya wedding is your best place. It doesn’t end here as there are lots of dals, sweet savories and a host of auxiliary Indian dishes.
  • Noting the ingredients: When it comes to typical and seasoning ingredients, papaya, jackfruit and plantains are an imperative. The curries are all richly flavored with quality, dried mango powder. It also includes spices like cumin, fenugreek, mustard and kalonji. It also contains coconut. As you move more to the local areas, the style and food preparations may slightly differ from one wedding to another. While some parties swear by those precious curry leaves, you have others who prepare the meals with mustard.
  • The seafood trip: The delightful and delicious culinary exploits in Oriya wedding begins with different seafood varieties. The main dishes that you cannot miss at any cost are Maccha besara. It’s the reigning kind is Oriya wedding cuisine. That’s the fish cooked in rich mustard curry. They also serve the Maccha Mahura or the vegetable curry carrying fish along with locally sourced veggies. Many weddings also put other sea delights like Chinnchada, chungdi Malai tarkari and so forth. You can gorge on the variety of seafood delicacies with different rice specialties.

They also serve Dalma with other curries, including aloo potato rosso, chaatu rai, kadai manja rai and santula. You also have several types of chutneys as a great side dish. Then you have the desserts.

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Why is Marriage Horoscope Important

Whenever it comes to a process as complex and detailed as Marriage Horoscope matching, you can find a mine of narratives, opinions and counter-ideas for and against the significance of the process. If we take the modern era into account, the counter-opinions take center stage even more. Most people still believe in the process and consider it as fully relevant to life and very pious, while the other persons, howsoever critical of it and antagonistic, still do it as formality. Surprisingly enough, they follow kundali matching to satisfy them to a great extent. It means that somewhere down the line the faith-system is deeply embroiled in individuals and you just can’t dismiss horoscope matching altogether. It’s been coming down since ages and is invariably an integrating factor and bold characteristic of the Hindu faith.

You need to be aware of the fact that there are cases where kundali synced with 22 gunas and still the couple got divorced in ten months. You can also find cases where horoscopes matched a great 30 gunas but the union got shattered in four months. The most striking thing is that even when the kundali didn’t match 10-6 or 18 points, the marriages still kept strong and went forth blissflully. Hence, in such a fold of uncertainty, there are reasons why people cling on to it.

Kundali Milan
  • Knowing the backdrop: On a realistic note, we know that Marriage Horoscope will not confirm your matrimonial peace if the couple don’t make any effort to attain it. No numbers can create peace and prosperity if the there is no trust or bond. Kundali matching is actually a source of gratificaiton to elders, who are from a different generation and though-system. Having two gunas or qualities is crucial for all humans. The horoscopes provide a good insight into your characteristics, which might not been aware of till now.
  • The base of conviction: Well, many regard that as a driving factor to contribute to Marriage Horoscope. If you see majority of cases these days, kundali matching is more of a wedding ritual and good formality performed to convey a message to guardians or parents that their kids do care about their feelings, consider the values and traditions taught to them. In this way, you take a major leap to a great wedding. However, it doesn’t establish the norm that the young ones don’t believe in this process. They do it too, but not to the pathetic extent where a guy can call of the much awaited wedding despite having a relationship with the girl for many years, just by putting some obscure dosas as reasons on the book.
  • Matching the wavelength: For many people, the concerned matching process is a great practice as it helps to syncs your mental wavelength with your partner.

The numbers don’t presuppose the wavelength, but that the chalking gets a good insight into it. If someone is aggressive and the other partner is timid or docile, complementing becomes a natural outcome. Besides, it’s pretty good thing to have an early assessment, match and thwart some pitfalls.

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