How Asian Girls Are Different From Their European Counterparts?

The difference between Asian girls and European girls has always been an interesting topic of discussion among many young guys all around the world.  They are extremely different in terms of their physical features, lifestyles, attitudes and relationship. Don’t you wish to know all this before getting into Asian dating?


Europeans are bigger in size and taller in height compared to Asians

Broadly speaking, Asian girls are skinny and small compered to European counterparts. You can also find very fat or tall Asian girls but they are limited in numbers and these girls are very charming and beautiful as well.  Smooth skin and beautiful smile can also be associated with Asian women. European girls are taller and bigger than Asian girls and they are extremely beautiful and charming as well.

Different ethos

You can find a harmonious coexistence of physical beauty and inner characteristic in an Asian girl. Her caring attitude towards the partner is really appreciable and she always wants to be in the company of her boyfriend without being dominating. Most Asian girls have different ethos about dating and family than most of the European girls. In a European girl, you can find a harmonious blend of strong individuality and physical beauty and they always demand mutual respect from their partners.

European girls take their own decisions and the Asian girls seek the opinion of the parents

Asian girls respect their parents in the best manner and they follow their advice on relationship sand dating to a great extent. The parents of European girls do not get involved with the personal decisions of their children and they leave to the girl to choose what she likes.  This practice is getting popular in Asian culture but not as strong as in European culture.

Individual oriented and family oriented approach

Family bonding is pretty strong in Asian families and every member takes part in the decision making process, be it choosing a dating partner or job or any other thing. In a European family, bonding is definitely there and they perceive it in different way. In Europe, individual decisions carry more importance and it is the prerogative of the individual to take decisions in their lives. Others can say what they feel but the girl has to take the final decision. In an Asian family, parents guide the girl to take a final decision. This family oriented approach can be seen in every aspect of her life.

Asian girls are cute and the skinny figure makes them attractive. White girls are gorgeous and they have a lot of sex appeal. The facial features and the exotic blonde hair easily catch the attention of any man. When you compare European girls and Asian girls, no one can be described as their superior and each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to conventional femininity, Asian girls stand taller but the physical features of European girls are more refined and appealing. Most of the Asians are trained to cook but many European girls do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen.

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How Asian boys Are Different From Their American Counterparts?

What is the difference between an Asian boy and an American boy? What changes you need to make while dating an Asian or American body? These are some of the questions that many girls are searching for answers.

Independent attitude and dependency

When it comes to Asian dating, Asian boys live with their parents until they get married. At the mean time; American boys are taught to earn some cash even when they are studying and this approach makes them more independent at a younger age itself. Asian boys are more dependent on parents and   their traditional upbringing makes them less independent at an early stage. They can be as independent as an American when they start earning and the dependency factor always remains with them. It can be financial security, emotional security or relationship security.    Asian culture gives importance to family and collectivity while the Americans lead a more independent and self centered life.  This difference has to be taken into consideration while dating with an Asian or American boy.


American boys are more adventurous compared to Asian counterparts

This aspect is also a part of the upbringing. A fearless attitude can be associated with American boys. It does not mean that Asia boys are cowards or fearful people. They are adventurous in their own ways but these character traits are not really visible in an Asian boy. The American guys are not apprehensive is discussing sex with you and they follow carefree attitude in life. The Asian guys are more conservative when it comes to discussing sex and these people often talk about friendship and other related aspects. You can expect them to talk about sex when they are comfortable with you.

Asian guys are more emotional compared to American boys

Asian people, in general are emotional people and they are romantic as well. American boys are romantic but they are not highly emotional. They move on with their lives fast and, repentance or sense of guilt does not find a strong place in their dictionary. They are fun loving and enterprising guys. Asian boys are humorous and friendly but they are sensitive and a bit conventional. Although many of these boys show some affinity towards the western lifestyle, their strong upbringing allows them keep their feet on the ground while assimilating the American attitude towards life.

Human beings are different in many ways and the Asian and American boys are also different. Each one derives values based on their upbringing and the society in which they live. If you are not reasonably familiar with the American culture, you should not plan to date an American boy. Similarly; if you do not have proper understanding about the Asian culture, you must not make efforts to date an Asian boy.  There are no hard and fast rules but you may make things really messy and your dating efforts can become ineffective. You need to make efforts in learning the American culture if you want to date an American guy. Quite similarly, you have to explore and study the Asian culture prior to start dating an Asian boy.

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How Asian Girls Are Different From Their American Counterparts?

If you really understand the difference between an American girl and an Asian girl, your dating efforts become highly result oriented. In fact; every girl is unique and each one has her own likes, dislikes, character, attitude, dress sense, preferences and values. When it comes to American and Asia girls, you have to admit that there are cultural differences and you can also find some significant differences in tastes and attitudes. How Asian girls are different from their American counterparts? You need to know this before Asian dating.

indan american counterparts

Moderately liberated Asian and fully liberated American

The beliefs and values of an Asian girl and an American girl are vastly different. You can find a lot of Asian girls who are influenced by the western culture but they are not very traditional. These girls are independent and they lead a life the way they want but they can be described as moderately liberated people. Most American girls are fully liberated and their upbringing is the most important thing that makes them human beings with liberated thoughts and action. This type of attitude can be found in Asian girls living in America but they are not all that liberated compared to their American counterparts. An American girl can be really flirty on the first date and you have to expect some sort of restraints even with a progressive Asian girl. In other words, they are moderately liberated.

Arranging a predate with an Asian girl is easy compared to an American girl

Arranging a date with an Asian girl is easy when you compare the efforts needed to arrange a date with an American girl. The Asian girls are very attentive and they listen and accommodate your recommendations in a fast manner. The American girls are often indecisive and sometimes whiny as well. They are not going to approve whatever you offer and the American girls will speak their mind out. They may not necessarily offer any alternatives. The Asian girls; on the other hand; often follow what you offer without any objection or dissent.

American girls want to take about themselves while the Asian girls are good listeners

When you talk to an Asian girl, she listens to you carefully and does not make effort to interrupt you. You cannot expect any judgmental comments from her and she always asks more questions to know more about you. The American girl is always interested in talking about her and you have to take up the role of good listener. She may interrupt you when you are talking and you can also expect negative comments when you are dating an American girl.

American girls are more independent and they are sometimes outspoken. You can find Asian girls with this attitude but they cannot be as demonstrative and assertive like the American counterparts. Primarily speaking, these are general observations and you can find exceptions in both categories. The dress, attitude, character and behavior vary from person to person and these differences become very obvious when you compare girls belonging from two completely different cultures.

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