Why is Marriage Horoscope Important

Whenever it comes to a process as complex and detailed as Marriage Horoscope matching, you can find a mine of narratives, opinions and counter-ideas for and against the significance of the process. If we take the modern era into account, the counter-opinions take center stage even more. Most people still believe in the process and consider it as fully relevant to life and very pious, while the other persons, howsoever critical of it and antagonistic, still do it as formality. Surprisingly enough, they follow kundali matching to satisfy them to a great extent. It means that somewhere down the line the faith-system is deeply embroiled in individuals and you just can’t dismiss horoscope matching altogether. It’s been coming down since ages and is invariably an integrating factor and bold characteristic of the Hindu faith.

You need to be aware of the fact that there are cases where kundali synced with 22 gunas and still the couple got divorced in ten months. You can also find cases where horoscopes matched a great 30 gunas but the union got shattered in four months. The most striking thing is that even when the kundali didn’t match 10-6 or 18 points, the marriages still kept strong and went forth blissflully. Hence, in such a fold of uncertainty, there are reasons why people cling on to it.

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  • Knowing the backdrop: On a realistic note, we know that Marriage Horoscope will not confirm your matrimonial peace if the couple don’t make any effort to attain it. No numbers can create peace and prosperity if the there is no trust or bond. Kundali matching is actually a source of gratificaiton to elders, who are from a different generation and though-system. Having two gunas or qualities is crucial for all humans. The horoscopes provide a good insight into your characteristics, which might not been aware of till now.
  • The base of conviction: Well, many regard that as a driving factor to contribute to Marriage Horoscope. If you see majority of cases these days, kundali matching is more of a wedding ritual and good formality performed to convey a message to guardians or parents that their kids do care about their feelings, consider the values and traditions taught to them. In this way, you take a major leap to a great wedding. However, it doesn’t establish the norm that the young ones don’t believe in this process. They do it too, but not to the pathetic extent where a guy can call of the much awaited wedding despite having a relationship with the girl for many years, just by putting some obscure dosas as reasons on the book.
  • Matching the wavelength: For many people, the concerned matching process is a great practice as it helps to syncs your mental wavelength with your partner.

The numbers don’t presuppose the wavelength, but that the chalking gets a good insight into it. If someone is aggressive and the other partner is timid or docile, complementing becomes a natural outcome. Besides, it’s pretty good thing to have an early assessment, match and thwart some pitfalls.

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Marriage Horoscope and What Makes it Great

There has been a plethora of thoughts and counter-concepts on the necessity purport and process of Marriage Horoscope in today’s era. While majority of people would nosedive into the reasons for matching horoscopes or the characteristics to explain this main context, it’d also be important to shed some time and emphasis on the potential of bringing two families together. Needless to say, it’s on this day that the families of the prospective couple sit in one room to appoint a priest. They can then match the kundalis and bond with one another.

The process is mutual and occurs with the consent of both families. Hence, moving beyond the positives and counter-narratives of horoscopes matching, what you have is the ideal platform to meet one another and spend time.

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  • Addressing some significant queries: Many times, you can find many things that emerge from a kundali matching modality. The girl happens to be a manglik and the parents have a beforehand knowledge. So, they tell that to groom’s family at the earliest and they provide mutual effort to address the issue. The priest knows that both the families know the existing situation and the aim is to control and thwart the detected dosha.
  • The meeting is well-placed: The reason why the meeting is well-placed and well-timed is because both the parents come prepared with issues to address and discuss. Even if they had known each for a long time, this is the best platform to meet and greet like in a good way. It’s the time for both families’ elders to get candid with one another and barring the few moments of lively photos; they also talk about the life and aspirations of their kids. Consider that as a pre-condition of the matching and you’ll know how crucial it can be.
  • The marriage talks: It is on this day that the date of marriage is finalized. If the horoscopes match and they find little or no hiccups, the date becomes easy to select. In this context, both families cooperate with each other in figuring out an auspicious date. They settle the date and framework in communion with the priest, who discovers the suitable time and lagna to consummate the marriage. The related talks of marriage like where to settle, what to give, things to give and where to hold the ceremony take place in Marriage Horoscope.
  • Ratification is important: You need to understand that matching horoscopes is not a marriage regulation but a method to ratify a wedding. Both families come together in this structured manner to detect and thwart some dosas intelligently. Resultantly, it enables the families to reach a joint deal on many aspects, most importantly the marriage date.
  • Great day to bond: They say marriage is not just a communion between two people, but a union of two families. The horoscope matching process creates the beautiful prelude to this momentous occasion, which is deeply embedded to Indian ethos.

It’s the mingling of two families at large that upholds the cultural fabric of Indian society. Parents know each other’s aspersions, apprehensions, expectations, and aspirations in marriage.

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