Giving a modern twist to some pre wedding rituals of a Oriya Wedding

Over the years, weddings have not lost their sanctity and essence of being an integral and solid part of the ever-prevailing conservative Indian society. However, they have certainly metamorphosed into a revolutionized domain and institution that has undergone sweeping changes in the wake of the internet revolution and economic vicissitudes. The turn of events has exposed individuals, especially the youth to a frenzied cosmopolitan pattern of imbibing traditions and customs from all over the land and the world. Resultantly, the way you perceive marriage, conduct ceremonies, rituals and take vows are gradually changing in sync with the times. The entire thing applies to Oriya matrimony as well.

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With the wedding season and festivities in full swing, here’s a peep into how you can add a modern touch to the rituals, venue décor, attire and make each thing culminate into a grand, vibrant nuptial ceremony.

  • Traditions and rituals: Indian being the beautiful melting pot of numerous traditions and cultures, nothing can be as fascinating as the country’s weddings. Like elsewhere in India, the typical Oriya matrimony has also undergone sweeping changes. Earlier, people used to solemnize the affair with two crucial rituals, the engagement or Nirbandha ceremony and the grand wedding event. Now, the pre and post wedding fanfare span for over one week.
  • Then and now: Hitherto, marriages were all formal events with limited guests run on precise and tight budget. Now, with the cable TV era flying high and youngsters getting influences by media and peer groups, marriages have become more about showbiz and glamour and less about rules and rituals. The Oriya people are still one of those who set a limit on the money spent on wedding functions.
  • The new wave: Youngsters feel that marriage ceremonies shouldn’t be all about toiling and slogging under the weight of responsibilities and tasks. Rather, weddings should give the scope to relax a bit, rest and make merry while shaking off the apprehensions that elaborate weddings create. Hence, you have the slew of ideas of hosting those bachelor or bachelorette parties and cocktail events.
  • The pre-wedding saga: Ask any college student about the marriages. They are most excited to attend their cousin’s or friend’s pre-wedding parties. People love these events as they enjoy to the brim without annoying their elders, who typically forbid any disturbance or hiccups during the main marriage ceremony. In the pre-wedding engagement and haldi, you can arrange a mini function.
  • The venue factor: There’s a often a question that what charm would the ceremonies and parties hold if the grand and majestic venues were out of the scene? Venues have indeed played a huge role among a host of other factors to transform the feel and look of weddings. The transition from simple houses to the more extravagant and lavish mandaps, hotels, party halls, clubs, resorts, banquet halls and even gardens and parks, wedding venues have successfully taken away much trouble and pressure from the families.

They provide large spaces for accommodating more guests. As per trend, you can use exotic followers.

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Menu ideas for a typical Oriya Wedding

Every Indian state entails its specialty in cuisines. In the north, you’’ find spicy food with plenty of butter, the eastern and western coastal flank of India love their spicy, varieties of non-vegetarian meals while those in the South prefer food made from flour, using plenty of coconuts in the food. Orissa is in eastern India, hence there’s normal penchant for non-vegetarian meals alongside varieties of traditional and tasty vegetarian courses. Food in Oriya matrimony is something to behold and relish. Oriya cooks are very famous in the kitchen and you can see them cooking across the country, especially in the neighboring.

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Their culinary exploits is reflected in the menu and taste of the foods served in Oriya weddings.

  • The food trend: Oriyas use less spices and oil in their food, yet they are mouth-watering. You will find much traditional regional cuisine in the wedding food chart, followed by many other cuisines. It’s a complete mash-up. The starters include dahi vada, papdi chat, gup chup veg cutlet, steam corn, aloo tiki, veg momo, paneer tikka, chicken pakoda, chicken momo, chicken lollypop and fried prawn. Fish items include cutler and finger. Then they serve salad. The varieties are mixed salad, green salad, pasta and Russian salad.
  • Rice and roti: In rice, you have lemon rice, plain rice, veg pulao, jeera rice, chicken biriyani/pulao, veg biriyani, veg fried rice, mutton biriyani, mixed fried rice and the likes. The Indian bread or roti entails many options as well. You have plain roti, rumali roti, tandoori roti, butter nun, plain nun, poori, parantha, kulcha, gobi parantha, aloo parantha, paneer parantha and the likes.
  • The vegetarian main course: You have a huge selection here. There is moong dal, dal fry, mixed dal, dal makhani, chana dal, mixed veg, kofta curry, nav ratna korma, malai kofta, chana masala, veh Manchurian, baby corn masala and bhindi masala. You also have dum aloo, special aloo gobi preparation, different paneer dishes, chilly mushroom and Orissa special mushroom masala.
  • Non-vegetarian main course: For the lovers of non-vegetarian food, Oriya matrimony is no less than heaven. You have chicken do pyaza, kadai chicken, chicken kasha, ginger chicken, chicken korma, chicken butter masala, chilly chicken, and mutton curry and kasha, and mutton masala and mutton korma. It’s a coastal region so there’s bound to be numerous fish items and seafood dishes. You have fish masala, curd fish, fish curry, prawn masala, curry and chilly prawn. The list is actually listless, but we can stop here.
  • Desserts: You end the gastronomical dream with stuffs like payes, jalebi, rasmalai, halwa, ice-cream, custard and so on.
  • Then and now: Orissa cooks, as said earlier, are much acclaimed in many eastern states of the country, particularly in West Bengal. The Brahmin cooks from Orissa were in huge demand in Bengal. In yesteryears when you didn’t have much catering services, people used to prefer reputed Oriya Brahmin cooks, who followed the traditional school of cooking, using banana leaves to serve the food.

Now, professional caterers have taken over the throne and business. Hence, you will find various other cuisines in the menu.

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Planning a Classy Cocktail Party For a Oriya Wedding

The name says it all. Be it Oriya matrimony or any other regional insignia, cocktails are mandatory at cocktail parties. You can always for a while to serve your food. You need to have those drinks on the plate when the first guests come through the door. It does give your guests something to do and propels them to mingle with one another. Oriyas are a very colorful and party-loving people, who love to get their tables and chair in place, drinks and food in order and venue in the best format. Generally, Oriyas keep their weddings simple and succinct. The preparations are partly elaborate and partly austere.

However, the new, young population loves to have a gala affair at times with winsome cocktail parties. Here are the basics.

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  • Noting the approach: You have three mainframe approaches to provide food and serve drinks. Each one has their own merits. You will find that a full bar entails a wide selection of mixers and liquors. A themed bar concentrates on one type of liquor and a steady collection of mixers. There’s the signature cocktail bar featuring one or two popular mixed drinks. Irrespective of the way you opt for serving the cocktails, just ensure that you include a correct amount of beer and wine.
  • To go about it: You can use the dedicated drink quantity charts of professional caterers to determine the amount to purchase and select the wine. Make sure you have plenty of water ready. You can make your Oriya matrimony special by getting and serving clean, sparkling water with berries or lemon. It’s good to include a minimum of one non-alcoholic option like Spiked Lady, Tarragon, Ginger Pineapple, grey iced tea and sparkling punch.
  • Having a full bar: By far, a full bar is the most expensive and complicated approach. With that being said, you can pull off a stunning set with a little planning. It provides immense fun and scope for dedicated cocktail lovers. There are Oriya people who just love their drink and it’s for them. You can have a wide selection of garnishes, mixers and liquors on hand so that your guests can enjoy their perennial favorites. It also gives a chance to know a new cocktail.
  • Themed bar: The core of a cocktail party is the bar and a themed bar showcase one or more types of alcohol alongside a variety of juices and mixers. Additionally, you have beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a more wallet-friendly option because you don’t need to purchase more obscure or less popular mixers and liquors, some of which might be redundant anyway. A themed bar would click for any liquor. You just have to serve the appropriate garnishes and mixers along with it.
  • The best themed bars: One of the most popular themed bars has to be champagne since it’s all about the festive spirit and the drink offers various mixing scopes.

For vintage champagne cocktails, you can use bitters, sugar cubes and liquors. You can use peach puree-obtain Bellini and mix it with other fruits like blood oranges and kumquats.

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Planning a Fun Filled Sangeet Ceremony For a Oriya Wedding

Indian weddings are that beauteous platform of great food, stunning dresses and opulent colors. There’s unstoppable energy, lots of glamour, days of dancing and of course, a marriage ceremony in the grandest and most pompous manner. In Oriya matrimony, the people love to showcase their dreams and wedding aspirations in the best way. There are numerous wedding events in Indian culture and although sangeet ceremony is not exactly a quintessential feature of Oriya weddings, the young people are imbibing this event and performing it with precision. A wedding ceremony that’s even more exciting than the main marriage event is the sangeet function. It’s all about fun and some foot-thumping music, energy and lit atmosphere brimming with people who seek nothing else but songs and dance.

Celebrating the auspicious occasion of their dear one getting married couldn’t get more gala than this. It’s really a fascinating function and hence, the most awaited one. An event of such scale deserves proper planning to make it better.

  • A good DJ: In the context of music, you need to leave to the pros. Just go for the most happening and cool DJ in town to spice up the evening. You can hire an event manager for this purpose as that guy must already have the DJ in his books. To book a DJ is one of the most pivotal things as getting one is a different thing and getting the best in the circuit is another thing. To have the best part, choose the best one and flip through the feedbacks of public and work experiences of that DJ. Look after the music taste he has and know about the equipment he carries. You need to get detailed information about everything from timings to the set-up. Having a proper idea about the DJ will thwart your worries as he/she can safely play the music you want.
  • Stage decoration: For those opting to make their sangeet in Oriya matrimony a grand affair, you need to optimize the stage décor. Feel and vibe comes alive when your environment is peppy and uplifting. It’s important to design a grand set-up. It will definitely let each parameter get worthy of performing and can specially enhance the shine and sheen of the show. Talk to esteemed decorations about the look of your stage, the way you want it to be and the things needed. Get adequate lighting and set the stage on fire.
  • Facets of entertainment: Although you’re talking Sangeet ceremony and it caters to call guests, propelling them to dance, the fillers are very pivotal. You do need someone who can lead the function ahead ensure that the fun crosses each bar. So, appoint a good anchor as that person can surely set up the tone and induce that spirit and energy in all invitees. An anchor has the liberty to make everything smooth sans any mess as he coordinates with each guest, creating a connection with each one of them.

Some fun and lighter moments will make your event brighter and perkier. Add to the vibe by getting bridal makeup and makeover artistry from professionals.

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Saree Options For a Oriya Bride

In both eastern and western practices and domains, the bride is adorned typically in exquisite apparel and fine jewelry for her wedding ceremony. It goes beyond saying that the Oriya bride is definitely one of the lavishly adorned and dressed. Oriyas are an ethnic group hailing from the state of Orissa, which falls along the eastern coast of India. The people worship Sun, revere Lord Vishnu and other Hindu deities. In Oriya matrimony, the bride is certainly the center of everybody’s attention and there is a reason behind this.

On her marriage day, she is believed and regarded as the embodiment of the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. The sheer luxury of her ensemble reflects the wealth and position of her family.

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  • Going by traditions: She wears accessories and jewelry based on her parents’ means. Those who aren’t that well-off, wear silver jewelry. The middle class brides can afford to wear gold jewelry and you have some of the finest pieces in marriages. Meanwhile, the affluent ones are proudly draped in sparkling diamonds and gold.
  • The saris: While preparing for the main wedding rituals, decorating the beaming with Odishan saris is the handiwork of most of the female members. The sari’s colors need to be flattening enough for the bride’s complexion or skin tone. Needless to say, Oriya matrimony tradition states that on her wedding when she will be bound to her man for life, she should yellow saris with red borders. These exquisite masterpieces are made with stupendous embroidery, which is usually weaved in gold thread. They highlight the precious jewelry further. Some of the best saris are decked in these shades and obtained from Matha silk. The fabric stands for suppleness, softness and elegance. These are brightly colored creations, also known and Mayurbhanj or Tussar silk.
  • Other sari choices: The Oriya bride has the bandwidth to choose from a variety of other types of traditional saris pertaining to her bridal trousseau. It includes heirloom masterpiece of Sambalpur, which is designed with great Passapalli motif and vintage Brahmapuri Pata styles. In addition to this, the bride may also opt for the radiant Sonepuri or vibrant Bomkai saris. Apart from using the traditional fabrics like chiffon, silk and cotton, many brides are also opting for georgette saris. They are fast gaining popularity in Oriya weddings. There are various ways to drape this form of sari. Georgette is also a fabric that you can wear and carry easily.
  • For modern brides: Modern day brides in Orissa are trying to separate themselves from the conventional mold. For example, instead of opting for the traditional yellow drapes with red borders, many women now prefer pink and orange saris, especially if these shades help in accentuating specific features of the concerned bridal outfit. Two of the most viable and voguish options for the modern-day Oriya woman are ikkat and Nuapatni saris.

You can wear the saris in many different ways. The options are aplenty for fabrics like chiffon, silk and cotton. There is a huge effort to resemble Goddess Lakshmi in the bridal attire.

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Dressing Ideas for a Bridesmaid For a Oriya Wedding

It goes beyond saying that the bride is the perennial favorite and cynosure in any wedding. That doesn’t mean that the bridesmaid is born to play second fiddle on all occasions. They have got their own zone and definitely more so in an Oriya matrimony. They are the ones who make the bride look like a queen, the leader of an army of beautiful maidens and the empress of a kingdom that she exhibits so beautifully. Playing this delicate and often undermined part deserved a separate mention. The bridesmaid dresses are to be kept in sync with the bridal outfit to enhance the wedding colors.

When you’re in a lot, as a bridesmaid it’s better to wear the ensemble which either complements the bridal attire’s colors or is similar in shade, if not the same. Here are a few ideas that may help.

  • Hue of the blue: One of the most quirky and pretty bridesmaid clothes that you can possibly come across has to be the royal and dark blue drapes. The royal blue saris worn with golden or silver blouses will never disappoint you. They will make you stand out, wherever is the wedding held. You can pair the radiant drapes with shawls and colorful, matching dupattas. In Oriya culture, the bridesmaid can perform a succinct welcome ceremony, dancing with floral strings and earthen lamps. It’d enhance the spirit and mood of your wedding. That’s what bridesmaids do, isn’t it?
  • Draping in pink: To begin with, keeping it simple is the smartest idea. The Oriya bride is draped in a sari like most other Indian brides and her entourage needs to match that grace and elegance. Finding the perfect outfit for bridesmaid in Oriya matrimony, saris to be precise can a daunting task at times. But, you can follow a real simple tip; match the bright shades of the bride’s ensemble. For example, if she is wearing something in red, then your blouse can be in black or red. The sari can be in glitzy black or teal red. The pink and lavender bridesmaid saris are outstanding and too gorgeous.
  • Exploring the modern shades: Many girls have thinking that if they are to choose their bridesmaid dresses, then they will wear dark blue, pink or reddish tones. Hence, the bridesmaid will be dressed in different colors. You can also give them a color parasol combination. These colors are purple, orange, navy blue, teal green and blue, and light pink.
  • Knitting traditions with modernity: If your bride is wearing creamy white, silver or shinny grey with red and little golden borders for a more exotic look, the bridesmaid will need to wear traditional Indian saris. The cut and colors will always vary from one another.
  • When the colors match: There are many gorgeous saris for bridesmaids. The variations depend on many inspirations. You can go for fusion ideas.

These are modern and rainbow saris that are best for you. If the bridal color is partly golden, then blue, green, purple, orange and pink would win it for you.

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How do the Oriya Wedding Rituals Steal Our Hearts

Simplicity, minimalism and straightforwardness are the apt words to describe Oriya matrimony in a nutshell. You need to bear in mind that if there’s anything truly cultural and upholds or reflects the identity or cultural essence of a community, it has to be wedding. A typical Oriya wedding ceremony exemplifies this thought. While marriage rituals and traditions are undoubtedly a time of revelry, it’s indeed a stupendous thing that Oriya weddings don’t maintain any extravaganza or opulence, so to speak. There’s no special effort to go spend lavishly or create a gala wedding blitz.

To know how of the rituals in Oriya weddings are special and steal everyone’s hearts, you need to know what they are and the things they represent or uphold. That’d give you all the answers.

  • Starting with Nirbandh: The pre-wedding rituals start with Nirbandh, which formally sets the engagement of the boy and girl. The respective fathers of the bride and groom take an oath, stating that they’ll get their children wedded to one another. The venue is the bride’s house preferably. Interestingly, the couple themselves doesn’t participate in this ritual.
  • Jayee Anukolo ritual: Typical to Oriya matrimony, it stands for the wedding rituals’ beginning phase in Oriya weddings. This is soon followed by the organized distribution of invitation cards or you may call it nimantran patras for the scheduled wedding. The most wonderful thing about the culture is that the first card is sent to Lord Jagannath in Puri. He is considered to be the family deity. The maternal uncles of the bride and groom get the second card.
  • Mangan and Jairagogo Anukolo: Elders bless the bride by applying mangan and turmeric paste on her. There are seven married women to do this part. Then she goes for a ceremonial bath. The main aim is cleansing and beautification prior to the D-day. The following custom represents the fire’s stoking after the she gets her ceremonial bath.
  • Diya Mangula puja: It stands for the congregational prayers offered at revered the Goddess temple. The family’s female barber provides toe rings, bangles, wedding articles and sindoor of the would-be bride to the goddess/devi to ask for prosperity and bliss for the girl in her married life.
  • Onset of wedding traditions: The main gig starts off with barajatri, the same word caters to Bengalis as well. It stands the groom’s majestic entrance into the wedding venue with his entourage. It includes a lot of pomp and gusto. He’s welcomed by the bride’s mother with a rice tilak and aarti. His kinsmen are warmly welcomed as well and taken to the hall with a lot of respect and courtesy.
  • Baadu pani gaadhua: Post the groom’s entrance, a member of the bride’s family gives her the news. They take her away for another ceremonial bath just before the actual rituals start.
  • Kanyadaan: This ceremony launches main wedding rituals. The bride’s father gives her hand to the groom, asking for a pledge that the guy will take good care of his daughter.

The ritual takes place at the bibaha bedi. It’s a wooden structure decorated with leaves and fresh flowers.

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