Why is Marriage Horoscope Important

Whenever it comes to a process as complex and detailed as Marriage Horoscope matching, you can find a mine of narratives, opinions and counter-ideas for and against the significance of the process. If we take the modern era into account, the counter-opinions take center stage even more. Most people still believe in the process and consider it as fully relevant to life and very pious, while the other persons, howsoever critical of it and antagonistic, still do it as formality. Surprisingly enough, they follow kundali matching to satisfy them to a great extent. It means that somewhere down the line the faith-system is deeply embroiled in individuals and you just can’t dismiss horoscope matching altogether. It’s been coming down since ages and is invariably an integrating factor and bold characteristic of the Hindu faith.

You need to be aware of the fact that there are cases where kundali synced with 22 gunas and still the couple got divorced in ten months. You can also find cases where horoscopes matched a great 30 gunas but the union got shattered in four months. The most striking thing is that even when the kundali didn’t match 10-6 or 18 points, the marriages still kept strong and went forth blissflully. Hence, in such a fold of uncertainty, there are reasons why people cling on to it.

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  • Knowing the backdrop: On a realistic note, we know that Marriage Horoscope will not confirm your matrimonial peace if the couple don’t make any effort to attain it. No numbers can create peace and prosperity if the there is no trust or bond. Kundali matching is actually a source of gratificaiton to elders, who are from a different generation and though-system. Having two gunas or qualities is crucial for all humans. The horoscopes provide a good insight into your characteristics, which might not been aware of till now.
  • The base of conviction: Well, many regard that as a driving factor to contribute to Marriage Horoscope. If you see majority of cases these days, kundali matching is more of a wedding ritual and good formality performed to convey a message to guardians or parents that their kids do care about their feelings, consider the values and traditions taught to them. In this way, you take a major leap to a great wedding. However, it doesn’t establish the norm that the young ones don’t believe in this process. They do it too, but not to the pathetic extent where a guy can call of the much awaited wedding despite having a relationship with the girl for many years, just by putting some obscure dosas as reasons on the book.
  • Matching the wavelength: For many people, the concerned matching process is a great practice as it helps to syncs your mental wavelength with your partner.

The numbers don’t presuppose the wavelength, but that the chalking gets a good insight into it. If someone is aggressive and the other partner is timid or docile, complementing becomes a natural outcome. Besides, it’s pretty good thing to have an early assessment, match and thwart some pitfalls.

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Things that patrika matching cannot predict

Indian marriages are all about love laughter and enjoyment. Hordes of people, some known some unknown getting together to celebrate this bond of lifelong association. But the events leading up to the actual day of the marriage can be filled with lot of tension, anxiety and in some cases a lot of negativity also. The biggest contributing factor in all this is the first step itself, Patrika matching. Modern research for time machines and time warping still goes on, but we Indians have the assistance of horoscope matching, an ancient practice of studying the planetary movements to assess what the future holds, to look up to.

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Horoscope matching although ancient and widely practiced has never been elevated to the rank of a science and there are good reasons for it as well. Many a couple have seen their relation being held hostage and ultimately killed by this kundali matching which inevitably tends to bring sorrow and negativity for  both side in a time that is meant to be the happiest time for a couple.

Now, in this age and era of globalization and digitization, it is high time that we put this practice to rest and broaden our outlook when it comes to making marriage alliances. As such too, there are many times, when we witness couples, who, as per their kundalis were a perfect match, but are leading a miserable life together after getting married. This itself is proof enough that all things in regards to marriage and relationships cannot be predicted by our patrikas. Here is a list of things that are impossible for patrika matching to predict:

  • Understanding between the couple: No amount to starry alignments or mathematical calculations can predict the mental and physical understanding the couple will share on getting married. Even in case of love marriages, the couple need to spent ample time with each other, in order to understand each other’s way of living, thinking, physical as well as mental compatibility.
  • Needs of the couple: no horoscope can predict the needs of an individual. Only once when two people get married can they explain to each other their needs, desires and expectation that they have from their relationship. Horoscope matching gets tongue tied in this aspect.
  • Happiness between the couple: Being happy and cheerful is a state of mind, which cannot be predicted by any astrologer. A couple need to work together in this respect to make their marriage a happy heaven which belongs to just the two of them.
  • A couple’s future on getting married: while the whole idea behind matching the kundalis of two people is to predict their future together after marriage, no one except the couple can do that. A relationship can only develop if nurtured and cared for. If that is not the case, there is no doubt that the couple which is ideal as per horoscope matching leads a depressed and unfulfilled married life.

One needs to understand this fact that no amount of calculations and star alignments can predict what the future hold for you. It is up to you to take your destiny in your own hands and make your marriage work, rather than finding the fault in the stars.

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Horoscope Matching: More of a Behavior Compatibility than Just Match Making

India is a land of customs and traditions, where long-lasting things have been valued and preserved because they have stood the test of time and proven themselves against the odds by surviving for so long. They are followed and praised because they have stood the test of time, the onslaught of non-believers and still have managed to hold their relevance through ages. One such tradition which has been an integral part of our Indian culture is the tradition of horoscope matching before marriage. Though considered baseless and age old by some, it still forms the very basis of marriage when we talk about Hindu marriages in particular.

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In modern times, the science behind horoscope matching is often questioned. With western culture becoming dominant worldwide, the practice of matching kundalis is often questioned and laughed upon. However, we need to understand the fact that a practice is only followed over the ages if it has a solid backing to it. We all know that the Vedas were written not by the common men, but the learned sages and scholars of that time. They had a wide knowledge of human traits, behaviors, and characteristics, and based on those only, they made rules that governed the society. The art of matching horoscopes too was based on certain behaviors and characteristics, based on which the compatibility of a couple was judged. The points to back the same are discussed below:

  • Horoscopes are based on genealogy: It is believed that the way horoscopes are made give us an insight into the genes that an individual carries. Being from a particular family tree, it is possible to predict the behavior and traits of a person whose horoscope is being considered. It gives us an insight into behavior trends that have been an integral part of that particular family, which may naturally get transferred to the perspective bride or groom.
  • Horoscopes are detailed: while matching horoscopes, 8 things are given primal importance. These include the physical attributes of a person, his or her characteristics as per the sun sign, behavior and mood swings as per the gana, the mental level and thinking process and his or her dominant characteristic as per the stars. Hence, it ends up giving us an in-depth view into the possible behavior pattern of a person.
  • Define the family to which a person belongs: One must always remember the fact that in India, you not only get married to an individual, but you have to adjust with his or her whole family. Since mostly all families believe in getting horoscopes of their children made at birth, this in a way, proves to be helpful, while matching kundalis before marriage. Horoscopes in a way provide you with a guideline, which points out towards the whole family to which the perspective bride or groom belong. It hence helps you in taking a better decision for your future.

What we need to understand is the fact that these rules of matchmaking, were based on a particular science, which defined to behavior patterns of human beings well. However, believing in it at the present age is purely a personal choice, which should not be forced upon. All the best!

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5 reasons you can still marry your lover even if horoscopes don’t match

India is a land of traditions and culture. Till date, we tend to follow these age-old practices in every form of life, which were established by our ancestors. Marriage too is no different. When we talk about horoscope matching, in particular, we still follow the rules, which were set by these ancient texts. In every Hindu marriage across India, matching of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl is considered to be of primal importance.

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However, we need to keep in mind the fact that times are changing. And with time, there are certain traditions and customs, that need to change too. Long gone are the days where the bride and groom use to meet each other on the day of their wedding. Today’s generation wants to get married to the person whom they love, know, respect and admire. They believe that no texts or methods which evolved thousands of years ago can define their compatibility with their better half. So if you are one such person who needs reasons to marry your lover despite your horoscopes not matching, we have here a list of top 5 such reasons:

  1. Trust your choice: remember the fact that you are an independent individual, who has the capacity to make strong decisions for yourself. The only reason you want to marry your lover is because you trust him, respect him, love him and understand him. This is all that is required for a perfect marriage. So, trust yourself and your choice.
  2. Horoscope matching is not a proven science: Though the astrologers swear by it still that does not change the fact that horoscope matching is not considered a science at the first place. So don’t let something that you don’t even know about decide the future course of your married life.
  3. Horoscope matching is not fooled- proof: There have been many cases where even though the match was considered perfect as per the horoscopes, the couples till hit splitsville. This itself shows that it is not our stars, but our own behavior and treatment towards our lover that form the basis of a compatible marriage.
  4. It is not acceptable worldwide: One should always keep in mind the fact that horoscope matching is only prevalent in India. No other couples in other country match horoscopes before getting married. Hence, it should not be fully trusted to define your compatibility with your partner.
  5. Understanding matters, stars don’t: It is important for you to understand your partner and vice-versa. It is mutual understanding and compatibility that form the basis of a strong marriage. This can only happen if you know and love the person well before you get married. No star inclination can lead to such understanding.

The practice of kundli or horoscope matching being followed in our society that has now become redundant and has lost its relevance. Believing in it at the present age is purely a personal choice, which should not be forced upon. It’s time to get above these practices and form a happily ever after with the one you love.

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5 reasons Why Kundali Matching doesn’t Make Sense in Today’s Time

There are some things in the world which are always in the eye of the storm with people continuously debating and analyzing the need and relevance of everything every time. Often the religious customs and traditions are a regular part of this discussion with sections of a society split wide open on their relevance in modern times with the onset of exposure and information being freely available at all times. But then there are some customs that with age and time become irrelevant and often end up becoming malpractices with people using it for their own vested interests.

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The practice of kundli matching is one such practice being followed in our society that has now become redundant and has lost its relevance. There are several reasons for the same and here we try to enumerate the five primary reasons why kundli matching has become more of a curse rather than a comforting custom in our modern lives and has now lost its relevance completely in today’s world.

Firstly, the proper literature and transcripts that should be present to verify this art are no longer present. The literature is not only required to provide proof to the non-believers but also help in training and educating people in order to continue this tradition, thus the knowledge that is available is flimsy and weak.

Secondly, the astute religious pundits and learned men required deciphering the exact meaning and answers to complex equations no longer exist. So the art is now being used just to get money out of people by instilling false fears in their heads. Kundli matching involves expertise to know if a couple can stay happy together and if they are made for each other but with the learned men now nowhere in sight, this has turned into a drama.

Thirdly, the broad and open mindset of couples today lends itself to the bride and groom ready to make adjustments in order to lead a happy life. No longer do they need the help of kundli to tell them whether someone is made for them or not. So once the couple decides to make the final plunge they do it after a lot of deliberation and hence feel obliged to make the relationship work despite odds.

Fourthly, the number of people who have to lead a happy and fulfilling married life despite their kundli not matching also makes it redundant as the kundlis and the so called fortune tellers are no longer in vogue and are no longer equipped with the same knowledge they used to have.

Lastly, it is that love conquers all. The modern generation understands that no amount of matchmaking, kundli matching will help them if they are not in love and in sync.

What must be remembered is that like all things kundli matching is also becoming redundant in modern times not because the art itself is faulty but the followers and preachers are now only in the business for vested interests with little or no actual knowledge. So be careful before taking a call.

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Things to Take Care of When Dating a Delhi Based Girl

Dating has become quite common in Delhi these days and even the teenagers these days tend to each other quite frequently. Most of you love to have a partner with whom you can share your problems and have fun with. But you must be a bit careful while in a relationship especially at an early age because if it fails, sometimes you tend to commit mistakes that lead you and your loved ones in bigger troubles.

Delhi dating couples don’t tend to last with each other in a relationship for more than a year and if you are looking for serious relationship, you must be very careful otherwise you may receive heartbreak from a Delhi based girl. Here are some of the things that you need to be wary of while dating a Delhi based girl:

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Never comment on her fashion sense:

All the Delhi based girls rate themselves very highly when it comes to the fashion and dressing sense. Thus, when you are in a relationship with a Delhi based girl, never make a negative comment or suggest any fashion idea to them as they tend to take it on their ego.

If you ever put a negative comment about your girlfriend’s fashion senses, then you have put the first step towards the end of your relationship.

Never stop them from bargaining:

Delhi dating girls are master at bargaining from the shops and they tend to get things at very cheap rates from the market. But as a boyfriend, you may feel frustrated with their bargaining habits and ask them not to do so as it is a waste of time.

Though it can have large scale implications on your relationship and you are sure to get some harsh words from your girlfriend. Sometimes, it may also result in a mini breakup and thus you need to be a little careful about this aspect.

Never comment on their eating habits:

One thing which is common with all the Delhi based girls is that they are all foodie and they all want to get slim.  They will keep complaining you about how they are not able to lose on their body weight but literally never give them a suggestion on this topic.

You will generally ask them to put a stop on eating so much and then they will say that you do not want to take them out for lunch and dinner. You may actually get into a bog fight with your girlfriend that ultimately may lead to your breakup.

Treat her equal to you:

The women of today consider themselves equal to men and want their partners to do the same. So, when you are dating a girl, don’t consider her as inferior to them because of gender difference.

Especially with the Delhi based girls, they do not tend to appreciate guys that lack respect for women and they want your respect more than your love. So, do not ever pretend yourself as superior while in a relationship these days.

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Best Oriya Wedding Advice for Innovative Wedding

Every bridegroom looks forward to ways and options for throwing the most memorable and unique wedding. A deluge of wishes and dreams culminate into a big, lavish wedding and you don’t want to leave any table unturned. It’s one of the biggest decisions of your life and you want to make the day stand out not just for the guests but also for the both of you. Your Oriya Matrimony will give you a lot to smile and talk about after some time of your marriage. It’s like a treasure trove that you built to unlock when you need during the lows of life. So choose wisely.

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Minimalism is the word that best describes an Oriya wedding. Known for their elegant and non-extravagant styles, the women’s sarees and men’s dhotis are fashion staples in this regard. While Brahmin weddings occur in the morning, other castes and sects perform their rituals during the evening or night. However, even amidst the diverse set of rituals, the main wedding style remains simple and it showcases values and old tradition, which is integral to Orissa.

  • Choosing barware in compliance with your theme: If you’re one of those modern couples keeping some hard lemonade in special Mason jars, make sure the barware fits them. These are often the favorites in outdoor country themes. They add a lot of charm to the hour.
  • Collect photos of friends and families: This is easier with smaller ceremonies. You can then place them in select frames with every guest’s table cloth or assignment.
  • A custom flourish: Give a printed and rated flourish to your printed stuff with your personal logo. This is an image that lingers for a long time. It’s meaningful to the couple and sets up a place or hobby.
  • Surprising your guests pleasantly: You can surprise all guests and make them happy with a handwritten note in every place card. It’s like “Vinay, thanks for flying in from Delhi!” Many people with a mammoth guest list go for the more innovate way of lipstick kiss marking saying “Glad you’re here today!”
  • Style and reception: Based on the style and the theme of the wedding, you can tie the napkins with metallic cording, satin ribbons, braided leather laces and twine prices. At informal receptions, you have top-class cocktail tables with glitter pens and supply markers. You can ask your guests to have a go at it.
  • Assigning a name to reception table: For example, “Cuttack Avenue” is what relates to your famous courtship. You can have a tend card placed on the table with a little explanation saying how you had your first apartment there.
  • For travel themes: You go the extra mile and incorporate leather luggage marks or tags for holding the escort of placing the cards.

Since traditional guest books mostly end up being stashed in the trash bin, you can opt for a coffee-table cook that covers your loved subject. You can display that at home and your guests can write on the margins or photos. Your wedding program for Oriya Matrimony is what you can customize to a great deal.

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