Kundali Matching – an Outdated Concept

Vedas are considered to be the first ancient texts of Mankind. According to Lokmanya Tilak, as he says in his book Orion- that Vedas are 5000 year old scriptures. Astrology is also known to be as old as the Vedas. Out of the four Vedas, Yajur Veda was the first and the description of almost all the constellations is available in it. Primarily astrology is considered the science of rashi, nakshatras and grahas (constellation, signs and cosmos). This same astrological science is used to study the life of people from birth and towards planning of a marriage commune. Kundali Matching thus derives its base from the ancient Indian heritage and is as old as the sages.

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Life has however evolved. People have moved out from the old way of life to a very modern, fast paced and connected lifestyle. Modern technology has changed things a lot and even life in general is looked upon very differently. Marriage as an institution has also evolved and though still based in traditions and culture for most, has eased out in terms of caste, religion and creed. People are today ready to experiment and fall in love rather than be arranged into it. As society develops, Kundali Matching is slowly losing its relevance in relationship mapping of two individuals.

  1. It comes up late in the relationship curve With people wanting to first know their proposed better halves and to spend time with them, Kundali Matching actually happens quite way down the line. Most couples today have already decided on their partners or their preferences before they bring up the topic of marriage.
  2. Youngsters prefer their senses to the Vedas Most GenX youngsters would prefer to listen to what their mind and senses say to them than what some matching of senses brings about. They would like to know what they like and how, rather than be told the same.
  3. It isn’t for the Modern World Kundali Matching doesn’t hold up in the modern world – the way of life and the environment in which we live today has changed and evolved. Thus the reasons for Kundali Matching and what it achieved – change too. Not to say that it is totally irrelevant, but it just doesn’t cut ice as it did earlier.
  4. More Uncommon Marriages Today there are more marriages happening out of the normal caste and religious system. People are falling in love and not bothering as to where they came from or what God they follow. They just fall in love and want to make it work.
  5. It’s not foolproof Though marriages based Kundali Matching do have a good success rate, however, they do not promise a marital life free from worries or even from divorce.

In the end – follow your heart – whether directly or through Kundali Matching!!

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Marriages in India and in the Hindu way of life are a delicate affair with great focus on customs and traditions. There are a number of aspects which the families like to take into account prior to getting the children tied in matrimonial alliance. The Vedic way of life lays down the steps towards joining two people in an alliance in a very detailed and time – tested manner. From how to narrow down on a partner to what date to tie the knot on, everything has been based on science and ancient knowledge. Families go to great lengths to follow these traditions and customs to ensure a blissful married life for the couple. Of these, matching of kundalis and counting of the gunas is one of the more important aspects, as it sets the stage for the complete alliance. Stout Hindu families may not even go ahead with the alliance in case the correct number of gunas doesn’t match up.

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Kundali Matching – It is an ancient technique of checking the compatibility of a boy and girl based on astronomy and the planetary influences as per the time and place of birth of the two individuals. This, helps in understanding the influence that each of them will have on the other individual as they lead a married life, which as per the Hindu scriptures makes them one entity. Kundali matching determines whether the couple would be compatible, mentally, physically and intellectually and their general well – being. Any issues can be rectified through a series of actions taken based on knowledge of the rishis or astrologers.

How Kundali Matching helps:-

  1. Determines Compatibility- Kundali matching helps to determine the compatibility of the two individuals and helps them understand what issues they may face down the road of life and marriage.
  2. Helps Determine Differences.  Kundali matching helps the couple understand as to what pitfalls they may encounter as they live a married life and how they could possibly overcome the same.
  3. Helps Make an Informed Decision.  Kundali matching helps the couple understand the general character of their relationship and to make an informed decision on whether they would want to continue the relation or not.

Kundali matching is one of the means of understanding the issues in relation to entering an alliance for life, and from where more life will be brought onto the earth. It is known to have been mostly successful in helping people understand their relation curve, chart their future and to take informed decisions. However, in today’s fast paced, love marriage way of life; Kundali matching is becoming less and less prevalent. More people are ready to take the risk and take their married life as it comes. So “is Kundali Matching the only way”. Definitely not!! Today people are seeking and embracing Intellectual mapping as a different form of understanding relations. Whether kundali matching can ever be replaced – well that’s a mystical question!!

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Impact of Kundali on Married Life

Marriage is an institution which has stood the test of times and has grown to be the basis of companionship and love. Marriage in India is considered more sacred than in other countries and the families of the bride and groom go the full length to ensure that there are no glitches in the married life of the couple. The numerous customs and traditions of the Hindu religion and the regional practices give a means for the marriage to be conducted within spiritual context. Even prior to marriage, Kundali matching is carried out to ensure that the couple is compatible and that no problems will plague them later down the line.

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Kundali matching is an age old tradition of matching the astronomical data of a boy and girl to arrive at certain potential problem areas in their lives as they plan to live and grow as a family together. It has been deviced by the sages, is based on astronomical aspects and is time tested. The problems can be remedied and removed over a period of time.

Kundali matching has an enormous impact on married life. A few aspects are discussed in the paras ahead.

  1. Refuse Marriage.   Non matching of kundalis can, first of all, lead to a broken relation prior to marriage. Those who believe deeply in the matching process may outright reject the partner if the gunas don’t match up as expected. This aspect is slowly fading away, especially for marriages which are based on the aspect of love. Love marriages don’t look for gunas to match!!
  2. Smoothen Out Prospective Problem Areas.   By laying down and informing the couple of prospective areas of trouble or non – compatibility the bride and the groom can look for means to correct the same. Remedies can be proposed and necessary steps taken to ensure that there are no issues between the couple.
  3. Matching of Gunas. This aspect, central to the concept of kundali matching tells the couple whether they are compatible or not. It helps also to remove the negative effects and to see that there are no major inadvertent negativities in the match.
  4. Solutions for Mis – matched Kundalis.  As all planets and kundalis play an important role in the success of the wedding, in case of a mis- match upayas and remedies can be given which will help the doshas affect to be reduced. All one needs to do is to go to an experienced astrologer.

The positive affect of kundalis on the married life are immense and it definitely is a means to ensure of a blissful married life. So there is not harm to go in for it.

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Things that patrika matching cannot predict

Indian marriages are all about love laughter and enjoyment. Hordes of people, some known some unknown getting together to celebrate this bond of lifelong association. But the events leading up to the actual day of the marriage can be filled with lot of tension, anxiety and in some cases a lot of negativity also. The biggest contributing factor in all this is the first step itself, Patrika matching. Modern research for time machines and time warping still goes on, but we Indians have the assistance of horoscope matching, an ancient practice of studying the planetary movements to assess what the future holds, to look up to.

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Horoscope matching although ancient and widely practiced has never been elevated to the rank of a science and there are good reasons for it as well. Many a couple have seen their relation being held hostage and ultimately killed by this kundali matching which inevitably tends to bring sorrow and negativity for  both side in a time that is meant to be the happiest time for a couple.

Now, in this age and era of globalization and digitization, it is high time that we put this practice to rest and broaden our outlook when it comes to making marriage alliances. As such too, there are many times, when we witness couples, who, as per their kundalis were a perfect match, but are leading a miserable life together after getting married. This itself is proof enough that all things in regards to marriage and relationships cannot be predicted by our patrikas. Here is a list of things that are impossible for patrika matching to predict:

  • Understanding between the couple: No amount to starry alignments or mathematical calculations can predict the mental and physical understanding the couple will share on getting married. Even in case of love marriages, the couple need to spent ample time with each other, in order to understand each other’s way of living, thinking, physical as well as mental compatibility.
  • Needs of the couple: no horoscope can predict the needs of an individual. Only once when two people get married can they explain to each other their needs, desires and expectation that they have from their relationship. Horoscope matching gets tongue tied in this aspect.
  • Happiness between the couple: Being happy and cheerful is a state of mind, which cannot be predicted by any astrologer. A couple need to work together in this respect to make their marriage a happy heaven which belongs to just the two of them.
  • A couple’s future on getting married: while the whole idea behind matching the kundalis of two people is to predict their future together after marriage, no one except the couple can do that. A relationship can only develop if nurtured and cared for. If that is not the case, there is no doubt that the couple which is ideal as per horoscope matching leads a depressed and unfulfilled married life.

One needs to understand this fact that no amount of calculations and star alignments can predict what the future hold for you. It is up to you to take your destiny in your own hands and make your marriage work, rather than finding the fault in the stars.

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Four Points that Patrika Matching Can Predict

Since time immemorial mankind has been fascinated by the idea of developing ways and means that can help them peep into the future and let them know what is in store for them in the times to come. Also the necessity of knowing how a person is and how he or she will behave in situations without actually meeting the person is also something that has captured the imagination of everyone.

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When it comes to marriages in India, most of us till heavily rely on the practice of Patrika Matching. While still not proved an actual science, many of us still believe that we need to match the horoscope of the perspective couple before giving the marriage a go ahead. While the non- believers refute the whole system and practice as total rubbish, many still believe that star alignments and horoscopes have the power to predict certain aspects of a couples life, once they get married. As per them, horoscopes tend to study the movement of the planets and stars and their effect on the particular individual and then predict what the future will be like for the individual. Also, it suggests remedies for countering any problems that may be existing or are about to be encountered by the person after getting married. As per them, the following things can be predicted when we match the horoscopes of two people before they get married:

  • Predicting Couple compatibility: It is believed that the physical, mental and sexual compatibility between two people can be predicted by matching their horoscopes. This is done under the Ashtkoot system, where special categories like yoni, nadi etc are fully dedicated to matching this quality.
  • Predicting Family peace and harmony: As per Vedic astrologers, the peace, happiness and harmony that a couple might experience after marriage can be predicted by horoscope reading. This is called graham maitiri, a category under which the harmonious relation with special reference to family can be calculated.
  • Predicting Financial stability: Many believe that horoscopes can predict the financial conditions that a couple is likely to face after marriage. Hence, many new age couples believe in matching them before taking the big step.
  • Future of off-springs: some believe that by matching horoscopes, one can actually predict the future of the children that the couple has as well. This can relate mainly to the health of these off springs. If the couple has flaws like nadi or yoni dosha, then it is advised that the couple don’t go ahead with the alliance, as it can lead to genetic or chromosomal disorders in the future children, the repercussions of which can be lifelong.

Believing or not believing in horoscopes is a totally subjective thing and should not be forced upon. However, just because one cannot understand the practice does not give him or her the right to nip the theory in the bud. Hence, make a wise decision before taking the huge step. After all, it is a decision that you have to live with throughout your life.

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Why do Indians still believe in Patrika matching

We life in the time of globalization and digitization. Gone are the laid back carefree days, when things use to take place in their own sweet pace. The present generation want all things to be done at super fast speeds, at the click of  button. Then why is so that when it comes to marriages and weddings, we Indians tend to follow the traditional old ways? Why we are still obsessed with age old rituals and practices like patrika matching or kundali Milan when we try to find a perfect life partner for ourselves? Well, the answer to such questions has a one word answer, which is belief. Believing or not believing in horoscope matching is totally a personal and subjective choice. While increasing number of people have now stated opting out of horoscope matching, most of the Indian population still believes in it and considers it sacred. For the believers, it is the first and foremost step that should be taken before marriage. If the horoscopes match, then only do they give a go ahead to the wedding. So what is it about patrika matching that makes people of today’s age as well follow it? Let us try finding the answers to this question:

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  • It is tradition: Following traditions and culture is what makes Indians unique and stand apart from the rest of the world. The practice of matching horoscopes has existed in our culture since time infinite and is therefore, an integral part of our traditions. Hence, following it becomes an unavoidable part of wedding celebrations.
  • Provides sense of security: An Indian wedding is not only about the bride and groom, but their families as well. Hence, when the families of the perspective couple get their horoscopes matched, it provides them with a sense of security that their children will remain happy with each other after marriage. Hence, most families opt for horoscope matching before marriage.
  • Predicts compatibility: the believers of horoscope matching say that if the horoscopes are studied thoroughly, they can predict the physical and mental compatibility between the boy and girl. Hence, they make it a point to match kundalis before marriage.
  • It is science: Many new age couples still believe that that astrology and horoscope matching are based on science. They believe that the predictions made are based of mathematical calculations and genealogy, which hence assure their happily ever after together.
  • Financial stability: Many believe that horoscopes can predict the financial conditions that a couple is likely to face after marriage.
  • Keeps family happy: There are many families which give a lot of importance to patrika matching. Hence, there are many such instances, where the would- be bride and groom only get their horoscopes matched just in order to keep their families happy
  • Predicts the harmony quotient: It is believed that patrika matching, when done properly, has the power to predict and determine the harmony between a couple after marriage. This harmony can be measured in terms of physical, mental, financial and sexual compatibly that a coupe might share.

One needs to remember that no matter what our stars say, it is us as individuals who have to work on a relationship in order for it to work. Hence, it is time we stop finding the faults in our stars and take our destiny in our own hands.

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Human being is the most complex creature on Earth. A creature who is complex to understand as several feelings takes place inside one body. Our world is divided into different countries which are divided into states and regions. Every state has its population following a unique tradition and number of rituals which are the proof of their existence.

People spend their whole life following their culture and traditions. They believe that following the footsteps of their ancestors is the only aim of their life. One such tradition is Jhatakam porutham which means matching the jhatakam of the girl and boy to unite them in one bond called marriage. This is done by a Tamil astrologer who is well versed with the stars and the customs of Tamil people. When it comes to marriage, a lot of things have to be decided and jhatakam is the foremost step.

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Belief of Tamilians

Most of the Tamilians believe that Jhatakam is an important part of their tradition and it should be followed at any cost. Well, some people see the other side of the coin believing that couples are made in heaven and people will find them on Earth without the help of any astrologer or jhatakam. However, the number of such people is growing in Tamil culture. Instead of considering the jhatakam of the boy and girl, they show interest in the education, talents, hobbies, income and family background of the boy and girl. This can be said as a fair trade.

Some people have this feeling that if they will not follow the old customs, they might not have a bright and happy future which generates fear in them and they are bound to follow them. Those who initiate to see beyond these fears are the ones who write history. There are several examples where Tamil people are not following the old tradition of Jhatakam porutham and are happy in their married lives. Although, their journey to convince their elder family members was quite quarrelsome but, they won their hearts with their love.

Change in tradition

Now is the time that we all must understand that rituals are just to guide us and not to bind us. People made these traditions for their convenience and so, they should be used for the same without giving a feeling of burden of any of us. Many states of India are backward in language, studies and even earning capacity but, everyone known the changing environment around them.

Tamil Nadu is one such state which has shown tremendous development in the last few years. Tamil people are not only learning new things but, are finding a way to link up to the modern India. The young generation is one strong link to do so. But, the old age people also have to give up their stubborn traditions and see the other side of life. Our customs and traditions will always be with us but, our life will end soon if we will not enjoy it.

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