How Asian Girls Are Different From Their American Counterparts?

If you really understand the difference between an American girl and an Asian girl, your dating efforts become highly result oriented. In fact; every girl is unique and each one has her own likes, dislikes, character, attitude, dress sense, preferences and values. When it comes to American and Asia girls, you have to admit that there are cultural differences and you can also find some significant differences in tastes and attitudes. How Asian girls are different from their American counterparts? You need to know this before Asian dating.

indan american counterparts

Moderately liberated Asian and fully liberated American

The beliefs and values of an Asian girl and an American girl are vastly different. You can find a lot of Asian girls who are influenced by the western culture but they are not very traditional. These girls are independent and they lead a life the way they want but they can be described as moderately liberated people. Most American girls are fully liberated and their upbringing is the most important thing that makes them human beings with liberated thoughts and action. This type of attitude can be found in Asian girls living in America but they are not all that liberated compared to their American counterparts. An American girl can be really flirty on the first date and you have to expect some sort of restraints even with a progressive Asian girl. In other words, they are moderately liberated.

Arranging a predate with an Asian girl is easy compared to an American girl

Arranging a date with an Asian girl is easy when you compare the efforts needed to arrange a date with an American girl. The Asian girls are very attentive and they listen and accommodate your recommendations in a fast manner. The American girls are often indecisive and sometimes whiny as well. They are not going to approve whatever you offer and the American girls will speak their mind out. They may not necessarily offer any alternatives. The Asian girls; on the other hand; often follow what you offer without any objection or dissent.

American girls want to take about themselves while the Asian girls are good listeners

When you talk to an Asian girl, she listens to you carefully and does not make effort to interrupt you. You cannot expect any judgmental comments from her and she always asks more questions to know more about you. The American girl is always interested in talking about her and you have to take up the role of good listener. She may interrupt you when you are talking and you can also expect negative comments when you are dating an American girl.

American girls are more independent and they are sometimes outspoken. You can find Asian girls with this attitude but they cannot be as demonstrative and assertive like the American counterparts. Primarily speaking, these are general observations and you can find exceptions in both categories. The dress, attitude, character and behavior vary from person to person and these differences become very obvious when you compare girls belonging from two completely different cultures.

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Five Things To Know About Bridal Make Up For A Kerala Bride

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about a Kerala bride? Three most important things that cross the mind of any person are braids with fresh flowers, jewelry, and the colorful Kanchipuram silk sari. A typical Kerala bride is a perfect symbol of elegance, grace, and dignity. Here are the most important five things to know about bridal makeup in Kerala matrimonial.


Kerala bridal makeup


1) Vital things about facial make up

First of all, you need, to begin with, a high-quality concealer. The next step is to apply the compact and it is the foundation on which you can build. You can use bronze or glittery eye shadow as eye make-up and the eye liner (medium layer) and waterproof kajal can be applied. If you want some drama to your eyes, you can use curling mascara generously and shades like a combination of light red and pink or peach are good for lipstick.  In order to bring an immediate glow, you can add a big red bindi as well.

2) Wearing a Kasavu sari adds elegance

Although Kanjivaram saris are immensely popular, many Kerala women prefer the famous Kasavu sari during their wedding. It is a gorgeous one and a cream or off-white shade is a good option. If you can have a gold border with this sari, an elegant and royal look can be easily achieved. You can pair it with a silk gold blouse as well.  Other colorful Kasavu saris can also be used if they go well with your complexion.

3) Jhumkas are a good option

Appealingly thick Jhumkas have never gone out of fashion when it comes to Kerala bridal ornaments and makeup. You can use Jhumkas made of pure gold and Jhumkas with green and red semi-precious stones are also a good option.

4) Traditional wedding chains enhance the elegance

Jasmine bud necklace or mulla mottu mala can be worn as a long chain in the last raw and the coin ring or Lakshmi mala is also a good choice. The Palakkal necklace can be redesigned with contemporary stones to add a modern touch and Nagapada thali can always be described as an important neckpiece. Other types of chains that you can choose include Manga mala, Manonmani, Kasu mala, Thalikoottam, Poothali mala and karimani mala as well.

5)  Choose appealing Kamarband (Cummerbund)

You can different types of kamarbands these days and there are cummerbunds available decorated with the goddess. Kerala brides always prefer these types of jewelry pieces and you can wear some top quality pieces that accentuate your waist in the best manner. Good pieces always add definition to your Kasavu sari

Generally speaking, Kerala bridal makeup is hugely famous for its glowing image but it has its own simplicity as well. The perfect bridal makeup heightens the best features of the bride and it also brings out the best in the bride. The most important thing is to choose the right makeup, jewelry, and sari that go well with your skin tone, body shape, taste, and attitude.

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Menu for A Traditional Kerala Wedding

What is the menu for a Kerala traditional wedding? In most Kerala weddings, one of the popular attractions is the wedding feast called ‘sadya’. It is a pure vegetarian feast comprising of a wide range of dishes, approximately 16 to 17 items.

Excellent variety of dishes

The variety of dishes being served in a traditional Kerala matrimonial is extremely rich and varied as well. Some of the dishes include Kaya varuthathu (banana chips), Upperi (sweet banana chips), ghee, papad, Thoran (dishes made using vegetables), Olan (typical Kerala vegetable dish), avail (another vegetable dish made using a good number of vegetables), rasam (a dish with medicinal value), sambar (curry made with a lot of vegetables), butter milk, pachadi (dish with curd as main ingredient), pickle, koottukari (semi gravy dish made with banana and chana), payasam (kheer), rice and many more.


Menu for kerala wedding



How the Kerala dishes are served?

The sadya is served in a plantain leaf and there is a specific order in serving the dishes. The side dishes are served first and are followed by the main dishes. Some traditionalists even assert the importance of placing the right dishes at specific places. First of all, banana chips are served in the leaf and then, the side dishes are served one by one. After having served all the side dishes, main dishes like rice, paruppu (made using dhal), ghee, sambar, kaalan (a dish with curd as the main ingredient), moru (butter milk) and kheer are served one after another. The modern Kerala weddings also follow the same methodology and pattern of the ancient weddings when it comes to serving sadya.

An unforgettable and tempting experience for the guests

When you finish a good Sadya, you will definitely feel full. When the tummy becomes full, you may go into a mood for nice sleep. At some places, pan is served after the sadya and people sit together to have some friendly talk.  Several things combine well to offer a wonderful experience for the guests and they include uniqueness of the dishes, taste a combination, method in which the dishes are served and the overall ambiance. It can be said without an iota of doubt that a traditional Kerala wedding feast offers an unforgettable experience for the guests.

Most of the dishes contain coconut in some form or other. As mentioned above, they are served in a specific order and you cannot find a buffet style method in a typical Kerala wedding. The sadya can be described as a healthy lunch and it is served on a fresh banana leaf. Earlier, people used to sit on the floor to eat sadya and this custom has been changed recently. Today, people sit on chairs and the lead is placed on a table. In some places, the availability of banana leaves becomes an issue and in such a situation, the dishes are served on the artificial leaves. There are specialized experts who prepare Kerala wedding dishes and you can hire them well in advance to prepare sadya on the wedding day.

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Importance of Guna Matching in Kundalis

We all have read science and heard of a very common phrase, ‘opposites attract’ but in the case of human beings, does this phrase stands, right? What can be the next step when your bliss is full of tremors? Well, life is not a fairy-tale and every situation is real and challenging. Many of us are against the idea of astrological predictions but, on the other hand, they help in predicting the future in Hindu marriages and make them more successful. Kundalis can help discover a lot about every human being like their nature, their talents, and other social skills. Indian society expects every marriage to go forever unlike the western culture.

Importance of guna

In a Hindu arrange marriage, compatibility can be best judged by kundali Milan. The bride and groom even affect each other’s horoscope after marriage which goes on for a lifetime. In the Northern and Eastern parts of India, the followed pattern of kundali is the same. However, Southern India may have a little different pattern of traditions. It is believed that a subcategory of kundali called as Guna is one of the most important things to be matched first. It is believed by the astrologers that maximum guna in every kundali are 36 and the highest the guna matches the best it is.

Love Marriage Specialist

It is said that if 50% of the guna are matched, the bride and groom are suited for each other. If the gunas are matching less than 50% then, the marriage might be declined. Gunas of a bride and groom are matched by considering the position of the moon in respective kundalis.

Kundali Milan has proven to be beneficial in many cases of Hindu marriages. There are a lot of factors that contribute to arrange marriages. There are many misconceptions about kundali Milan among people but, some scientific facts have proven them wrong. With diverse cultures and rituals, there is the difference in opinions as well.

Other contributing factors

The date of birth and time of a person determines the foremost step in matching a kundali. Whether it is about matching compatibility or coming out with a good mahurat for marriage, kundali plays an important role. All the predictions made by a kundali are based on probability by the astrologer. There are a few things that are considered while matching two kundalis like:

  • Varna
  • Dosha
  • Vashya
  • Tara
  • Gana
  • Naari
  • Bhakut
  • Yoni
  • Graha maître

All these factors contribute while fixing an arranged marriage. Indian families are very serious about their traditions as followed by their ancestors. They treat it as a tribute or providing respect to their late ancestors of they follow the old traditions. Some astrologers have described the scientific side of the kundali which makes us believe their importance and need to consider them.

It totally depends on us that how do we consider the kundali matching in arrange marriages. Families have to be open minded towards the changing world and consider kundalis as references.

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Kundali Milan – Scientific or Superstition

We all are a part of modern India and in this century, it is hard to live our lives based on zodiac signs and kundali matching. Most people believe it as a myth and that it has nothing to do with human beings or anything with Earth. People from different parts of the world have different beliefs and understanding towards this issue. Talking about the Eastern culture, it is quite mystical that some things like zodiac signs and horoscopes are beyond the control of human being and that they play an important part in our lives. They believe in a force present in the universe which makes things happen in our daily lives. This is the reason, why they prefer matching of kundalis in an event of marriage.

Kundali Milan

Unlike western people, Eastern people take kundali Milan a serious business. While in the event of a wedding, no mistakes can be considered in reading or studying horoscopes and the entire life of two people depends on it. Some astrologers have come up with the theory that these horoscopes do affect our lives. The position of the stars and motion of the planets can affect the good and bad times in a person’s life. But, who can guarantee the happiness of a couple? It is only the situation and the understanding between two people that is responsible for a successful or unsuccessful married life.

Consideration for a marriage

Other than kundali and horoscope, one should consider the educational qualification, hobbies, interests, about their culture and family background. All these things are necessary to know about a person than to know what their horoscope says. As the child takes birth in a Hindu family, a short kundali is prepared by the astrologer mentioning the date and time of birth with other few things in it. It is believed that this kundali will give predictions about the future of the newborn baby. When the wedding day arrives, this horoscope is used for kundali Milan.

It would be wrong to think that matching horoscopes is very easy because it takes a lot of research and study to come out with the right prediction. Some people say that it is a superstition and some believe it as a scientific fact. As per science, horoscopes must be matched very cautiously and as a superstition, people think that astrologers tell stories to make money.

What to believe

Matching horoscopes is the foremost step of any wedding, after which the final decision is made. There are many factors which need to be determined with the help of the kundali. There are many cases in which marriages did not go the way they were forecasted through horoscopes. Unlike this, there are a couple who did not go through the hustle of matching horoscopes and are living a happy life. It is very important to determine that which kind of marriage would you choose when your time comes, however, it solely depends on our understanding and beliefs.
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Is There Any Science in Kundali Milan

Marriage is an important decision to make, both for the groom’s and bride’s’ family, therefore, they make sure that they consult a renowned astrologer to match the horoscopes and take the right decisions. Under the Hindu tradition, the Vedic system is given utmost importance under which horoscopes of one person is matched with their kundalis. The position of the moon and other planets decide the future of the couple together. There are a number of factors which form a part of this study like yoga, naadi, guna, gana, etc. every factor has its own relevance and level of importance. Guna being an important factor are 36 in number and if it matches to 50%, it is considered a suitable Kundali Milan for the couple.

Kundali Milan

There are many websites that provide free horoscope matching guidance. Here you can also find the various factors on which the website is matching your horoscope. Every website is different from the others in a competitive manner. There are websites which are designed as per the religion and different needs. You just have to fill in the details asked and in few moments, you will get the answer.

Not everyone has the same belief that horoscopes are very important for marriage. Such people go on with the wedding arrangements without even considering it. It is better to have an open minded theory about things around us and let people do what they want to. With diverse cultures in India, people have diverse thinking and beliefs.

Kundali- an important tool in ancient times

Arrange marriages in India are a great affair and without kundali Milan, people would not go further. Every person has a different Rashi and nakshatra and on the basis of this, their compatibility is judged. Whether it is about arranged marriage or love marriage, people tend to consider matching kundalis of the couple. Most of the people believe that there is some science in astrology and the way it can provide a solution to many problems. There is some naadi dosha in a kundali then, it is the kundali that provides a specific solution to it.

Ancestors and kundali

Kundali and horoscopes were always a great deal for our ancestors and they would follow it at any cost. For them, the foremost thing was to match the horoscopes and then, meet the family. They have their family astrologer booked for days to discuss on this issue and who would come out with a detailed report about the girl/ boy. Some astrologers can even tell about the family and nature of the members with the help of kundali. Some may come up with any health issues involved with the couple and if necessary, would give their advice to pass it.

It is also important to match the interests and talents of two people while considering their kundalis which will better predict their future. Families should have a good understanding between them and they should carry on the auspicious rituals while celebrating the new bond.

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Is Our Society Ready to Accept Marriages in Which Kundalis are not Matched?

For the people of the new generation or post-1980s in India, Kundali matching is largely a traditional chore, a mandatory custom to convince parents about the suitability of their union. Previous generations relied more on astrological texts and calculations and had a lack of confidence in their own self. But, the younger generation is more informed and has justification for what he or she is doing. Education plays a huge role in this mindset and the more you get to see the world outside and explore the realities, the more futile and irrelevant these practices will become. So, it takes us down to one question. Does marriage really rely on Gunas and Kundali?

While you know that marriage depends on a deep commitment and love of individuals to share their lives and not based on kundli, it’s how society perceives this thing. In order to perceive the societal perceptions on marriages done without Kundali matching, you need to see it through the prism of society. This has been handed down to us since ages and one would look at both sides of the coin to get a clear understanding of the matter and also the answer to the question.

  • Knowing the fundamentals: Kundali and Gunas are actually a part of the manifold mathematics that’s called astrology. According to the birth time and place of the concerned person, the effect of gravitational forces of stars and planets on those persons comes to a formation while matching their kundali with laagna.
  • The arguments ingrained: The aforementioned astrological mathematics is an outcome on probability. Its’ neither a hypothesis but astrology doesn’t give you any percent of probability pertaining to the time effects and gravitational aspects based on different kundali gunas. This is all a probability and you believe in it or may not. But, taking decisions blindly based on probabilities is not prudent.
  • The safety points: Well, for safety or for mental satisfaction, you can take precautions and consider these probabilities. But, you need to remember that you can always change your fate with good Karma.
  • The marriage annotation: A marriage can never depend on Kundalis and Gunas. That’d be a blind belief marriage depends on the love, trust, and loyalty of two persons. No Hindu scriptures ever mention that you should always marry after Kundali matching. Even if it’s mentioned, it’s not a neutral card or note. You need to treat or consider kundali probabilities as precautions and notices, but it’d be foolish and exaggeration to blindly believe in the mathematics.
  • Taking lessons from mythology: Sikandar made a new line in the hand and triumphed over the world. The mighty Ravan had caged all planets to alter his fate, but he was destroyed. His kundali never legitimized this act and he couldn’t alter the inevitable. Astrology is mere probability and doesn’t provide an accurate answer. Shri Ram and Sita maa had 36 gunas matching in their marriage, which did not result in success. They had to lead a life of exile and Shri Ram and Sita couldn’t live together in life.

Today’s society is changing in its view on marriages that don’t see two kundlis matching. There are places and ways to remove the doshas and everything is going on in that pattern.

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