Marriage Horoscope and What Makes it Great

There has been a plethora of thoughts and counter-concepts on the necessity purport and process of Marriage Horoscope in today’s era. While majority of people would nosedive into the reasons for matching horoscopes or the characteristics to explain this main context, it’d also be important to shed some time and emphasis on the potential of bringing two families together. Needless to say, it’s on this day that the families of the prospective couple sit in one room to appoint a priest. They can then match the kundalis and bond with one another.

The process is mutual and occurs with the consent of both families. Hence, moving beyond the positives and counter-narratives of horoscopes matching, what you have is the ideal platform to meet one another and spend time.

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  • Addressing some significant queries: Many times, you can find many things that emerge from a kundali matching modality. The girl happens to be a manglik and the parents have a beforehand knowledge. So, they tell that to groom’s family at the earliest and they provide mutual effort to address the issue. The priest knows that both the families know the existing situation and the aim is to control and thwart the detected dosha.
  • The meeting is well-placed: The reason why the meeting is well-placed and well-timed is because both the parents come prepared with issues to address and discuss. Even if they had known each for a long time, this is the best platform to meet and greet like in a good way. It’s the time for both families’ elders to get candid with one another and barring the few moments of lively photos; they also talk about the life and aspirations of their kids. Consider that as a pre-condition of the matching and you’ll know how crucial it can be.
  • The marriage talks: It is on this day that the date of marriage is finalized. If the horoscopes match and they find little or no hiccups, the date becomes easy to select. In this context, both families cooperate with each other in figuring out an auspicious date. They settle the date and framework in communion with the priest, who discovers the suitable time and lagna to consummate the marriage. The related talks of marriage like where to settle, what to give, things to give and where to hold the ceremony take place in Marriage Horoscope.
  • Ratification is important: You need to understand that matching horoscopes is not a marriage regulation but a method to ratify a wedding. Both families come together in this structured manner to detect and thwart some dosas intelligently. Resultantly, it enables the families to reach a joint deal on many aspects, most importantly the marriage date.
  • Great day to bond: They say marriage is not just a communion between two people, but a union of two families. The horoscope matching process creates the beautiful prelude to this momentous occasion, which is deeply embedded to Indian ethos.

It’s the mingling of two families at large that upholds the cultural fabric of Indian society. Parents know each other’s aspersions, apprehensions, expectations, and aspirations in marriage.

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An Uttaranchal Wedding and Its Beauty

The beauty of an Uttaranchal wedding can be seen in all layers of the Euttaranchal Matrimonial. Starting from the engagement ceremony and mehendi to ganesh puja and Suwal pithai and duliagarh, the festivities and fanfare resonate loudly in each of them. The uniqueness of these weddings comes from a variety of factors. The bride and groom are perceived as Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu and the treatment is on that scale. Another striking and unique feature of these weddings is that in the engagement ceremony, it’s not the bride and groom who exchange the rings. It’s their respective fathers who do so.

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It’s symbolic of the fact that a marriage is an union of two families and the two heads mark that union.

  • The Varmala ceremony: The loud and radiant ceremony is all about exchanging the garlands. It takes place post Duliagarh ritual and the groom proceeds towards the mandap or center stage. After he has taken his seat, the girl also joins him. They are accompanied on the stage by family members and close friends. Together, they make the special moment all the more special. They exchange the Jai Mala and the delighted invitees cheers the wedding couple with a loud and big round of applause. The applause is often accompanies by gigs and a few friendly crackles and jokes.
  • Photo session followed dinner: Once the couple has finished exchanging their garlands, you’ll find that the camera begins to roll out excellent pictures and wonderful snapshots of the couple enjoying with their relatives, friends and family. The guests shower their blessings on the couple, congratulating them on their nuptial day. Followed by the elaborate photo session, you have the sumptuous feast. It’s absolutely lip-smacking and all invitees enjoy the meals. By the time each guest has tempted and filled his/her plate with tasty, delicious food, they don’t waste much time to throng to the eagerly awaiting dance stage. They go there to set it on fire.
  • Songs, dance and beats: The energy-boosting beats of the Dhol are a remarkable feature of Euttaranchal Matrimonial. The marriage procession and guests dance to its beats, welcoming the groom. After the dinner, they dance to captivating and thumping Pahadi numbers, making the night most momentous. Dinner and dance go hand in hand too. After the seemingly unending fanfare, the couple eventually gets the scope to have dinner together. Their family and loved ones accompany them for a special dinner. That’s a very happy moment for the newlyweds.
  • Kanya Daan and holy ceremonies: After doing all social formalities, the priest comes to the forefront, conducting several sacred rituals and elaborate ceremonies. They perform the rituals as per the auspicious ‘lagna’, which is the stars’ positioning according to the kundali or horoscopes of the couple. It takes a few hours to complete the ceremony and it typically lasts an entire night and continues till early morning.

In the most important and emotional Kanya Daan ritual, the bride’s mother and father sit to perform it. They keep a fast on that day. It’s considered to be the most pivotal donation or sacrifice that any parent can ever make.

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Things That Make Uttaranchal Weddings Special

Weddings in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand are definitely a magnificent affair and celebration of the union of two souls. It’s a great platform to meet your near and dear ones from the distant towns and villages, spending some gala time and cheerful moments with them. For all the Pahadis out there, you sure know the fun and madness that seizes a Euttaranchal Matrimonial. The sights, the sounds, the smell and the scenes in the scenic places are ingredients to make these weddings so very special.

If you’ve missed out on a Pahadi wedding or would like to go for one, here the best highlights of the marriage ceremonies that make them a cut above the rest.

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  • Beautiful and prettified Pahadi women donning the Nathuli-Pichoda: Uttarakhand women sure know to dress to impress, especially at weddings. They put their best foot forward on the special day by draping themselves in stunning garments and teaming them with their traditional Nathulis and Pichoras.
  • The lip-smacking and one of a kind food: Pahadi dishes are from some another planet, it seems at times. Food made in the weddings is inviting and toothsome. You cannot resist the temptation from the rich aroma coming from the flavorful and varied cuisines. Popular choices include Mandua ki Roti, gahat ki daal, Kafuli and Jhangore ki kheer.
  • Nathuli of the bride: The star attraction of Euttaranchal Matrimonial has to be the beautiful traditional style and look of the Pahadi Nath, called Nathuli in local parlance. Revered for this transcendental and chic appeal and design, the nose ring or Pahadi Nath has emerged as a prime fashion statement for the brides of this region. The mammoth and gorgeous gold nose ring has attained a lot of popularity over the years. You can spot it in all Uttarakhand weddings.
  • The sight of the Rangwali Pichoda: It’s an embellished garment worn by the beautiful Kumaoni brides. They are considered to be the symbol of marriage. You need to remember that Pichorra entails a rich legacy, which one generation passes on to another. Interestingly, it’s the lone bridal ensemble that’s indigenous to the state’s pristine Kumaon region.
  • Dancing to the crazy beats of the famous Dhol-Damau: The drums are played in all Uttarakhand weddings with awe and gusto. They make the entire ambience exuberant and lively. The invitees dance to the thumping beats of the Dhol and make it memorable for the wedding couple and their families.
  • Pahadi songs and the tip-tapping feel: Any marriage conducted in this beautiful region will be incomplete without belting out the mellifluous and captivating Pahadi songs or tunes. It doesn’t matter if you’re from that state or not, nobody can resist themselves from swaying and dancing to the beats and tunes of the melodious and euphonious music of this region.
  • Guests perform pahadi group dance as well: A unique sight in these weddings, the group dance on local folk songs is one of the prime highlights that make these matrimonial so special.

You can see the excited and beaming faces of friends and family members, all dancing to the songs.

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Matrimonial Sites: A Whole New World Today For Weddings

Most of us are familiar with the term matrimonial sites in the present times. These sites, which are very popular amongst Indian urban set-ups, are no less than a boon. In a fast paced lifestyle, where people seldom find to nurture relationships, these sites come across as an apt mean to find your soul-mate. Taking cue from western dating websites, many Indian companies honed upon the idea of providing the busy youth a platform to find and get married to a partner of their dreams. These sites, which have become very popular over the past decade or so, are popular amongst elderly as well, who are seeking perfect matches suitable for their off –springs. So what is it that has made matrimonial sites a need of the hour for every couple which is seeking an arranged matrimonial alliance? Let us try and find out:

indan american counterparts
  • User friendly interface: most of these sites have a very user friendly interface, which makes them very easy to operate for the users. From a youngster to an elderly, everyone can easily make a profile and manage an account.
  • Personalized service: many of these sites have personalized services, catering especially to people who have some expectations from their would be partners. From having special religious, caste, region based portals to providing special assistance from authorised experts, these sites provide it all.
  • Personal care through a team of experts: Though many don’t know about it, mostly all matrimonial sites are supported by a team of experts. These people thoroughly analyse profiles, before giving a go ahead for them to be loaded. They check the authenticity of the same before proclaiming them authentic. Moreover, when you go in for personalized services, these experts get in touch with you and minutely analyze the kind of a match you are looking for, and provide you with profiles which suit you the best.
  • Appropriate suggestions: along with providing you with suitable matches and profiles, matrimonial sites also provide you with appropriate suggestions regarding places to shop at, venues, florists etc., which prove to be of great help during the whole wedding arrangements.
  • Options for second marriages: Many of the matrimonial sites provide you with portals to people who want a second chance at life. Off late, we have witnessed the mushrooming of many sites especially designed for widowers and divorcees, who are giving second marriage a shot, in order to lead a better life. This is the best that such sites give to the society.
  • Counselling sessions: matrimonial sites are not just concerned about getting people married, but making sure that marriages work as well. Hence, there are many sites which now provide counselling sessions to couples who have hit a rough patch in their married life.

With the fast pace at which life is now moving in modern   India, matrimonial sites are a must in order to find the one you desire. So give them a shot. You will bless us for sure. All the best!

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Marathi Weddings: Some Simple Ways to Have Great Fun

Marathi weddings are somber and simple with a lot of emphasis laid on rites and rituals. Unlike North Indian weddings there is not too much scope for fun and frolic. But with changing times, couples want to add some fun element to their weddings. Here are some unique ways of making a Marathi matrimony into one with a lot of entertainment.


Fun Venue Selection– Instead of having a wedding in the regular venues such as a marriage hall or a garden, have your wedding in a more vibrant and fun place. For instance, keep your wedding at an amusement park. Book the entire park for the wedding. Keep a small place for the official ceremonies and thereafter, let the guests enjoy the rides and other fun things at the park. In this way you can also have some fun at your wedding.

Are Wedding Ceremonies– Though Marathi weddings do not have the concept of having a cocktail and sangeet night or even a big mehendi function but youngsters these days want to have all these ceremonies as they add an element of fun to the wedding. Organize a gala entertainment programme with a lot of music and dance and also games so that all the guests can have a good time and so can the bride and the groom. At this event, the bride and the groom’s families can perform a special dance. Even the bride and the groom can shake a leg in rhythm and have their friends join in. To keep the kids entertained you could have a magic show or some activity based games.

These functions also work as ice breakers between the bride and the groom side before the main wedding. You could have simple food but emphasis on the entertainment quotient at these events.

Post wedding reception- Usually most weddings are somber as the main focus is the rites and rituals. So there isn’t much scope for having any fun. However, you could have a grand reception after the wedding for all the guests. In this party you can have music and dance. Also, have photo booths and other props to keep the guests enthralled and engaged.

Fun Photo Shoot- Most couples are quite done with the formal photos being taken at weddings. Now the trend is to have a candid photo story. So you can have a fun photo shoot before the wedding at different locales (both outdoors and indoors). It could be a fine mix of formal, informal, with props, at coffee shops or their favorite meetings place. It could be made into a story and screened at the reception.

Weddings are occasions for people to meet and bond. They are happy occasions and the best way to make them memorable is to add some special elements to it. With these small tips you will surely have a memorable wedding- one that will go down the memory lane for all.

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Ideas to Make a Marathi Wedding Stunning

Marathi weddings are perhaps the simplest and least grandiose weddings in India with no elaborate pre wedding ceremonies. All the rituals and ceremonies have a spiritual significance that showcase the values and traditions of the Maharashtrian culture. Still Marathi weddings are full of color and vibrancy with fun elements added to the somber rituals. We tell you ways and means to make a Marathi wedding look more glamorous and stunning.


Glam up the venue– Usually a Marathi matrimony take place in a marriage hall where not much can be changed or done. So you can make the wedding look more glamorous if the venue is shifted to an outdoor location or by the poolside of a hotel. An outdoor setting always adds charm to the wedding. Also, minimal effort is then needed to accessorize the place as the natural beauty overtakes everything else.

Different Decor– Instead of having the same run-of-the-mill decor of flowers and drapes you could plan something different for the wedding, which will look good and also not cost too much. You could use recycled paper and objects to create wall art or lighting. You could use dupattas with work on it as drapes. It will not only add color to the place but also be light on the pocket. You could also get a professional to suggest some good decor ideas. 

Photo Booth– The latest trend at weddings is to have a photo booth wherein the guests and family take pictures of themselves with props. It is a good way of entertaining the guests without having to do much. You could have some interesting props so that the whole activity becomes fun. This could be a part of the wedding reception. 

Destination Wedding- A lot of couples are planning destination weddings today to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and also have only a few select people for the wedding. When the guest list is curtailed a lot can be done on the venue and decor as the funds can be diverted to glam up the wedding. Get a professional to work on your venue decor because in an outstation venue, it is best to hire someone as you would not know too much about the place.

Wedding Favors- Though giving favors is a more western culture but in Indian weddings as well gifts are given to immediate family and close friends. You could make this more personal by giving customized gifts for each member of the family. This would be more meaningful as well as inch up the classy notch of the wedding.

Weddings are a way of celebrating the union of a couple. Whether they are done on a large scale or not, the idea is to have fun and to spread love and cheer.

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Some Post Wedding Rituals in a Marathi Wedding

Marathi wedding is not restricted to a particular day and the celebrations and ceremonies continue post-wedding too. It is not just one day of fun; the couple and their family enjoy and participate in almost a week filled with festivities and ceremonies.  Let us have a look at the post wedding rituals that are an integral part of the post wedding ceremonies of a Marathi matrimony.


Laxmi Narayan puja : A newly married couple is said to be a symbol of Laxmi and Narayan; i.e. Lord and Goddess, and hence everyone including the groom’s mother, worships them like we worship our deity and all seek their blessings as they are symbol of love, prosperity and harmony.

Pathavni :  This is definitely the most daunting and emotional post-wedding ceremony, i.e. pathavani.  Almost like bidding farewell to the bride by her family as she now is a part of a new family. The bride seeks blessings of her elders and parents and wishes her siblings a good life and luck. While the bride is meeting her family members, the groom goes and pick the the idol of Annapoorna deity and keeps it in his pocket. Later this deity is placed in the groom’s house, it represents that there will be no dearth of food and prosperity in his house.

Varat : Amongst the tears of pathavni, the groom and bride sit inside the car and starts the varat. A procession that carries the bride to the groom’s house is varat. It comprises groom’s family, his friends and so forth.  Lovely music is played; firecrackers are burst to announce the arrival of a new bride. This joy and celebrations, lightens up the bride’s mood too.

Grihapravesh : Every moment of the new bride’s life is a celebration, as she enters the groom’s house for the first time, there is a grihapravesh ceremony held in her honor. A bowl filled with rice grains is placed at the threshold and the bride kicks it with her right feet. This symbolizes that the new bride rings In prosperity.

Satyanarayan puja: Post wedding, generally the next day or the day after, a puja is held in the honor of the newly married couple. A priest comes and performs it, and the newlyweds perform it as per his instructions.  This is the first venture they undertake as a husband and wife; they seek blessings for a prosperous and happy married life. Later, there is a lovely Maharashtrian feast to celebrate the puja.

Kuldevat Puja:  Every ritual and ceremony is ticked off the list, however there is still one more to be taken care off. Every family has a deity that has his or her temple in a particular village.  After the Satyanarayan puja, the newlyweds go and seek blessings of the groom’s kuldevat (family deity). They either go on alone or the groom’s family accompanies them.

A Marathi wedding is a perfect mix of rituals, traditions and merriment.  It respects our traditions as well as ensures that everyone has a good time.

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