Why to Ditch the Match Making Aunty for Online Portals

In the Indian culture, when you have reached your appropriate marriage age, the entire community knows that you are now looking for a potential life partner. This is a quite embarrassing process because everywhere you go be it birthday parties, family functions or even a far-off relative’s wedding reception, you are bombarded with questions about marriage and your ‘type’ of future husband or wife and other such awkward questions. Let’s not forget the ‘match making aunty’ who has been telling the entire community about your age, weight, profession and other such personal details so that you can find a potential partner.

These awkward, embarrassing moments and intrusive behavior from family members can be easily avoided by using matrimonial sites to find your potential life partner. Here’s what you get when you choose to go through online matrimonial sites as compared to the traditional match making aunty technique –

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Complete privacy from relatives
When you create an online profile on any of today’s matrimonial sites, all your information is secure on that particular website. You can discretely look for your life partner without having a match making aunty screaming over people’s conversations at parties to get you a partner! No more awkward questions about your complexion, weight and your choice to work or not work after marriage when you opt for online match making websites.

No family pressure
When you meet a potential partner traditionally, there is a lot of pressure between the two families to get their kids to like each other and eventually get married. This pressure can be very stressful and can take a toll on your courting phase as well as the foundation of your relationship. With the pressure of two families on your head constantly, you fear that calling off the ‘match’ might be disrespectful to either of the parties. When you go through matrimonial sites, you are free of this pressure and are directly in touch with the potential partner.

Hassle free process
Since everything is completely online, you don’t have to worry about when your phone number or contact details will be passed to the person’s family or even when you can have a quick chat with them. Such problems are easily solved when you go through a matrimonial site. These days, a lot of sites have mobile apps as well, so you can look for a partner on the go when you are travelling or even in another country altogether. This is a completely smooth process.

Peace of mind
As simple as it sounds, this is one of the key factors why so many people these days choose to go through matrimonial sites for their future weddings. Without a nagging match making aunty and pressurizing families, you have complete peace of mind to get in touch with a potential partner and enjoy a courting phase of getting to know each other better. You have no explanations to give to any relatives, family members or even the match maker because you yourself are finding a match.

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Online Match Making – A More Discrete Way of Finding Your Life Partner

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, the idea of getting married can be a stressful topic to touch up on. However, in the Indian culture, the ideal age for marriage lies between 23-35 years old which means while you are struggling to figure out your career, hopes and dreams, you now need to figure out your ideal life partner! If that isn’t stressful enough, your family and relatives make this even more difficult by constantly questioning you about when you want to get married, if you are dating anyone and other such awkward questions. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in the idea of an arranged marriage and are looking to find love and a potential life partner completely by yourself discretely, matrimonial sites are here for you!

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As compared to the local community match making aunty who puts out embarrassing and personal details about you to people so that you can get a ‘match’, matrimonial sites allow you to do put down all of your preferences in the form of ‘filters’ online to narrow down your search. Here are a few more benefits that you enjoy when you choose to look for a life partner on matrimonial sites –

Discrete match making
Look for your potential life partner discretely without letting all your community members, far-off relatives, that annoying match making aunty and other such people know about your life plans. Since marriage is a personal decision, the process of finding a life partner should also be personal.

No more awkward discussions
You don’t have to discuss your wage, weight, height and other such personal details with five our inquisitive aunties who simple want gossip. It is even worse when a girl needs to get married because then there are various questions about when you want to have kids, will you give up your job after marriage, will you cook food and other such extremely narrow-minded questions. You save yourself all this trouble when you go through online matrimonial sites.

No family pressure
Family pressure completely ruins the courting phase because you are constantly under the pressure of being approved and accepted by your partner and his/her family while you figure out if you even really like the person. Indian families tend to get offended when you reject their offer for potential marriage. You can save yourself all the drama when you discretely look for a partner online on Indian match making websites.

Complete privacy
You can contact the potential ‘match’ in your time through the options that you have provided on the website. Certain people opt for only emails so that you can start chatting there. Phone calls tend to get too personal, so a lot of people choose that only after they have got to know the personal a little better. Regardless, all your information on matrimonial sites is completely secure and no third party person can even find out that you are on that website unless they have created a profile on that website themselves!

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How Horoscope Matching Can Make Sense When it Comes to Arranged Marriages

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. This is one belief that always gives us hope that someone, somewhere is made just for us.  Someone, who will love you, care for you and grow old with you. In present times, while there are many who get lucky in love and find their ideal partner all by themselves, there are others, who still prefer the old school charm of arranged marriages. In India, despite the rapid change in lifestyles and acceptance to change, arranged marriages still have an upper hand in comparison to their love counterparts. No matter how modern we may become, but we still hold our age old traditions and practices in utmost respect, which they totally deserve. One such practice, which even today, is considered to be an integral part of Hindu marriages is that of Horoscope matching. While the people going in for a love marriage prefer ignoring kundali matching altogether, it still holds dominance in arranged marriages. Even if we leave all the astrological aspects attached to horoscope matching aside, there are still many reasons because of which horoscope matching makes total sense in case of arranged marriages. Lets try and analyze a few of such aspects:

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  • Gives the families a common platform: horoscope matching is the first step that is taken towards arranging a match by both families. When the families meet for the first time to match the horoscopes of the prospective couple, they get to know each other better. They get a clear picture regarding the family set-up and way of living of both individuals in question and the expectations they hold if the match is solemnized.
  • Helps predict compatibility between the couple: only those people and families go in for horoscope matching in present times, who truly believe in the whole concept of it. Hence, for believers, a matched horoscope is the ultimate evidence that the people in question are compatible for each other and will lead a happy married life.
  • Creates a sense of security between the couple: once the horoscopes are matched, the couple feel more secure towards each other. As in most arranged marriages, the bride and groom are strangers to each other before marriage. Hence, the sense of security that they get towards each other after getting their horoscopes matched helps build a strong bond between the two.
  • Gives peace of mind: in an arranged marriage, where the bride and groom do not know much about each other before marriage, a matched horoscope comes across as a blessing as it gives both the individuals involved some peace of mind that they are made for each other and that they will lead a happy married life together as a couple.

Arranged marriage can be a tricky thing, where the initial period of marriage plays an important role in determining the future of the couple together. With a matched horoscope at their side, this ride becomes just a wee bit easier. So work on your marriage and make it work.

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How Can One Safely Ignore Horoscope Matching and Still Lead a Happy Married Life

It is an age old belief that stars and planets have the power to control our lives and predict our future. However, one should let past be past and bygones be bygones. However, there are certain bygones which just refuse to leave. This holds especially true when it comes to rituals and traditions associated to a person’s marriage. When we talk especially in regard to India, there is one old practice that is an integral part of Hindu homes when it comes to marriage. This practice is none other than horoscope matching. since time immortal, there has been a belief that by calculating the stars and planetary positions of the two individuals whose match has been proposed, one can actually predict whether or not the match will work or not.

With that said, now it is high time that we turn tables on the age old practice. In present times, when love and understanding work more than anything else when it comes to a happy marriage, matching horoscopes seems to be a thing of the past. In an age where love marriages are gaining more prominence over their arranged counterparts, things like kundali matching come across and obsolete. So here we give you reasons as to why you can safely ignore horoscope matching and still lead a happy married life:

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  • It has no proven base: if we look into history of things, we may notice that horoscope making and matching is one thing which has proof to prove its very basis. Though astrologists claim that the predictions they make are a result of minute calculations, one can never be sure whether their claim is true or false.
  •  It is not fool proof: no astrologer in the world can claim the success or failure of a marriage as per the predictions that he has made. This fact itself is proof that horoscope matching is not a fool proof science.
  • The failure rate is high: There are many cases of couples who, despite being deemed perfect during horoscope matching, ended up having an unhappy married life or even getting divorced. As such too, the percentage of divorce cases in arranged marriages, where horoscopes were matched before marriages is increasing with each passing minute.
  • It does not have a widespread appeal: one cannot ignore a fact that astrology does not have widespread appeal and is prominent only in one sect of people, i.e. Hindus. The rest of the couples around the world do not have to rely upon horoscopes before marriage and still lead a happy married life.
  • Stars don’t determine the future, actions do: one needs to keep in mind the fact that we cannot rely on the stars and planets for our relationships to work. We need to nurture relationships with care, in order for them to work and our married life to be happy.

Its high time we stop relying on stars and make our future on our own. All the best!

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Planning a Classy Cocktail Party For a Oriya Wedding

The name says it all. Be it Oriya matrimony or any other regional insignia, cocktails are mandatory at cocktail parties. You can always for a while to serve your food. You need to have those drinks on the plate when the first guests come through the door. It does give your guests something to do and propels them to mingle with one another. Oriyas are a very colorful and party-loving people, who love to get their tables and chair in place, drinks and food in order and venue in the best format. Generally, Oriyas keep their weddings simple and succinct. The preparations are partly elaborate and partly austere.

However, the new, young population loves to have a gala affair at times with winsome cocktail parties. Here are the basics.

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  • Noting the approach: You have three mainframe approaches to provide food and serve drinks. Each one has their own merits. You will find that a full bar entails a wide selection of mixers and liquors. A themed bar concentrates on one type of liquor and a steady collection of mixers. There’s the signature cocktail bar featuring one or two popular mixed drinks. Irrespective of the way you opt for serving the cocktails, just ensure that you include a correct amount of beer and wine.
  • To go about it: You can use the dedicated drink quantity charts of professional caterers to determine the amount to purchase and select the wine. Make sure you have plenty of water ready. You can make your Oriya matrimony special by getting and serving clean, sparkling water with berries or lemon. It’s good to include a minimum of one non-alcoholic option like Spiked Lady, Tarragon, Ginger Pineapple, grey iced tea and sparkling punch.
  • Having a full bar: By far, a full bar is the most expensive and complicated approach. With that being said, you can pull off a stunning set with a little planning. It provides immense fun and scope for dedicated cocktail lovers. There are Oriya people who just love their drink and it’s for them. You can have a wide selection of garnishes, mixers and liquors on hand so that your guests can enjoy their perennial favorites. It also gives a chance to know a new cocktail.
  • Themed bar: The core of a cocktail party is the bar and a themed bar showcase one or more types of alcohol alongside a variety of juices and mixers. Additionally, you have beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a more wallet-friendly option because you don’t need to purchase more obscure or less popular mixers and liquors, some of which might be redundant anyway. A themed bar would click for any liquor. You just have to serve the appropriate garnishes and mixers along with it.
  • The best themed bars: One of the most popular themed bars has to be champagne since it’s all about the festive spirit and the drink offers various mixing scopes.

For vintage champagne cocktails, you can use bitters, sugar cubes and liquors. You can use peach puree-obtain Bellini and mix it with other fruits like blood oranges and kumquats.

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Planning a Fun Filled Sangeet Ceremony For a Oriya Wedding

Indian weddings are that beauteous platform of great food, stunning dresses and opulent colors. There’s unstoppable energy, lots of glamour, days of dancing and of course, a marriage ceremony in the grandest and most pompous manner. In Oriya matrimony, the people love to showcase their dreams and wedding aspirations in the best way. There are numerous wedding events in Indian culture and although sangeet ceremony is not exactly a quintessential feature of Oriya weddings, the young people are imbibing this event and performing it with precision. A wedding ceremony that’s even more exciting than the main marriage event is the sangeet function. It’s all about fun and some foot-thumping music, energy and lit atmosphere brimming with people who seek nothing else but songs and dance.

Celebrating the auspicious occasion of their dear one getting married couldn’t get more gala than this. It’s really a fascinating function and hence, the most awaited one. An event of such scale deserves proper planning to make it better.

  • A good DJ: In the context of music, you need to leave to the pros. Just go for the most happening and cool DJ in town to spice up the evening. You can hire an event manager for this purpose as that guy must already have the DJ in his books. To book a DJ is one of the most pivotal things as getting one is a different thing and getting the best in the circuit is another thing. To have the best part, choose the best one and flip through the feedbacks of public and work experiences of that DJ. Look after the music taste he has and know about the equipment he carries. You need to get detailed information about everything from timings to the set-up. Having a proper idea about the DJ will thwart your worries as he/she can safely play the music you want.
  • Stage decoration: For those opting to make their sangeet in Oriya matrimony a grand affair, you need to optimize the stage décor. Feel and vibe comes alive when your environment is peppy and uplifting. It’s important to design a grand set-up. It will definitely let each parameter get worthy of performing and can specially enhance the shine and sheen of the show. Talk to esteemed decorations about the look of your stage, the way you want it to be and the things needed. Get adequate lighting and set the stage on fire.
  • Facets of entertainment: Although you’re talking Sangeet ceremony and it caters to call guests, propelling them to dance, the fillers are very pivotal. You do need someone who can lead the function ahead ensure that the fun crosses each bar. So, appoint a good anchor as that person can surely set up the tone and induce that spirit and energy in all invitees. An anchor has the liberty to make everything smooth sans any mess as he coordinates with each guest, creating a connection with each one of them.

Some fun and lighter moments will make your event brighter and perkier. Add to the vibe by getting bridal makeup and makeover artistry from professionals.

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Planning a Classy Cocktail Party For a Telugu Wedding

As a host planning to hold your cocktail party for your Telugu Matrimony, cocktail parties are many people’s favorite events. They are glamorous, easy to plan and are relatively inexpensive. These parties give you a chance to serve high-priced and rare items and still keep you with some money left since you’ll only be serving tiny bites. In addition to this, you can make different types and formation of hors d’oeuvres. In a nutshell, there’s immense scope to experiment in the bar and kitchen.

While planning the party, choosing a theme is always beneficial. It doesn’t mean all your invitees have to come up like their favorite movie stars and pirates.

destinataion wedding in kuala lumpur
  • Closing in on the theme: Your theme can be clear and discreet. It can be a color or flavor, which is present and booming throughout the evening. You can go for a creative theme, which can make the entire party feel different and special sans enhancing your budget. The process will help you discover new ideas for décor, drinks and food.
  • The party basics: The key to any vibrant party lies with the host. You can have as much glee and fun as your invitees. Planning your menu is a very important part. The quintessential cocktail party is replete with small and savory items and finger foods. You can eat them in a few bites only. You can go for munchies and short recipes like tandoor and grilled dishes. In Telugu Matrimony, South-Indian delicacies like vadaa, utthapaam play a great role. As you have already read, hors d’oeuvre means the outside of normal meal. Nowadays, you can find any starters and appetizers winding up as meal replacements. If you party is taking place during regular dinner and lunch hours, plan to give adequate food that constitutes a meal.
  • Serving your food: One of the most pivotal aspects of cocktail parties is the way you serve your food. The more formal way is to serve your food through butler service. More casual and easier process is to set up your meal buffet style. If you have some dignitaries in attendance, you can plan for some other changes. You can also blend two key methods, including majority of food-buffet patterns and passing a few delicious items.
  • Keeping hot food as it is: serve hot meals on smaller trays that you can replenish frequently. You need to ensure that your cold items don’t get cold.
  • Set up your snacks as early as possible: Before the starting of the party, set out a couple of easy snacks like olives and nuts so that your guests and even early birds can fit into the groove. If you have a chance, you can put out maximum room-temperature for the meals. It will give you ample time to meet and greet your invitees at the pathway sans worrying about serving/feeding them.
  • Using butler service for costly items: Your guests can consume food served in buffet style in greater portions as compared to the passed delicacies.

Hence, if you have a tight budget, place the relatively cheaper meals on the buffet and give the expensive items through butlers.

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