Dressing Ideas for a Bridesmaid For a Oriya Wedding

It goes beyond saying that the bride is the perennial favorite and cynosure in any wedding. That doesn’t mean that the bridesmaid is born to play second fiddle on all occasions. They have got their own zone and definitely more so in an Oriya matrimony. They are the ones who make the bride look like a queen, the leader of an army of beautiful maidens and the empress of a kingdom that she exhibits so beautifully. Playing this delicate and often undermined part deserved a separate mention. The bridesmaid dresses are to be kept in sync with the bridal outfit to enhance the wedding colors.

When you’re in a lot, as a bridesmaid it’s better to wear the ensemble which either complements the bridal attire’s colors or is similar in shade, if not the same. Here are a few ideas that may help.

  • Hue of the blue: One of the most quirky and pretty bridesmaid clothes that you can possibly come across has to be the royal and dark blue drapes. The royal blue saris worn with golden or silver blouses will never disappoint you. They will make you stand out, wherever is the wedding held. You can pair the radiant drapes with shawls and colorful, matching dupattas. In Oriya culture, the bridesmaid can perform a succinct welcome ceremony, dancing with floral strings and earthen lamps. It’d enhance the spirit and mood of your wedding. That’s what bridesmaids do, isn’t it?
  • Draping in pink: To begin with, keeping it simple is the smartest idea. The Oriya bride is draped in a sari like most other Indian brides and her entourage needs to match that grace and elegance. Finding the perfect outfit for bridesmaid in Oriya matrimony, saris to be precise can a daunting task at times. But, you can follow a real simple tip; match the bright shades of the bride’s ensemble. For example, if she is wearing something in red, then your blouse can be in black or red. The sari can be in glitzy black or teal red. The pink and lavender bridesmaid saris are outstanding and too gorgeous.
  • Exploring the modern shades: Many girls have thinking that if they are to choose their bridesmaid dresses, then they will wear dark blue, pink or reddish tones. Hence, the bridesmaid will be dressed in different colors. You can also give them a color parasol combination. These colors are purple, orange, navy blue, teal green and blue, and light pink.
  • Knitting traditions with modernity: If your bride is wearing creamy white, silver or shinny grey with red and little golden borders for a more exotic look, the bridesmaid will need to wear traditional Indian saris. The cut and colors will always vary from one another.
  • When the colors match: There are many gorgeous saris for bridesmaids. The variations depend on many inspirations. You can go for fusion ideas.

These are modern and rainbow saris that are best for you. If the bridal color is partly golden, then blue, green, purple, orange and pink would win it for you.

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