Is He The Right Match For You

Marriage is considered to be the most sacred of all unions all over the world. It is a coming together of two souls in holy matrimony, where they promise to love, hold and cherish each other till death draws them apart. A girl always dreams of her prince charming, her knight in shining armour, who will come riding his white horse and sweep her off her feet. As she grows, she is always on a look-out or that one special person, whom she can love and grow old with. While some are lucky enough to find their true love all by themselves, others depend on other methods of finding a match for themselves, like matrimonial sites or family friends and astrologers. Whatever the case maybe, a girl needs to make sure that her prospective life partner is suitable for her in every way. This holds true even in case of love marriages, where a girl needs to make sure that her beloved will support her in every way, even after marriage. So it you are on a look-out for your Mr. Right or are trying to figure out if your present beau is the right match for you, then here are a few points that you must consider:

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  • He should truly love you: before marrying a boy, you need to make sure that he truly, madly and deeply loves you. He should be protective about you and should honour you for who you are. In case a boy starts being possessive or aggressive in the name of love, it is better not to pursue the relationship further, as it might lead to deadly consequences.
  • He should be financially stable: love may be the foundation of a strong relationship, but at the same time, you need to be practical as well. Make sure the boy has a sturdy job or business and is financially stable and economically strong, so that he can support you as well as your future family after marriage.
  • He should consider your opinion: make sure to marry a man who respects and considers your opinion as well while making a decision. This man will always hold you high and support and encourage you in your future endeavours.
  • Respects your family: while there is no doubt that it is the girl who shifts in with the boy and his family after marriage, this certainly does not mean that your family and parents should be left behind. Make sure that the man gives due respect to your parents and family before you decide to marry him.
  • Should be supportive of your career: if you plan to work after marriage as well, make sure to tell you fiancé about it. If the guy is supportive of your career progress, then don’t hesitate to marry him. However, if he tries to dissuade you from the same and do something that he approves, then it is certainly not worth it.

If you find a man who matches all the above given points, then congratulations! You have found your dream man! Don’t even hesitate for a second to start a life with him. Here’s wishing you a happy future!

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Is She The Right Match For You

There is no one in this world who wants to be lonely. Every living being on this earth is finding a perfect partner, whom they can love, hold and cherish all throughout their lives. As we humans are natural social animals, this need and instinct of having a committed life partner comes two-fold to us. When we talk especially in context of India, marriage becomes a primal necessity. In our society, where concept like live-in relationships are still not widely accepted, it is important that you find a soul mate whom you can marry without a second thought. It becomes all the more necessary for boys to find themselves a perfect girl when it comes to marriages in India. This is so cause of the social set-up that exists in our country. In most cases, the girl leaves her house and single life behind and end up living in joint set-ups, where the boy’s family lives with the couple as well. We often come across matrimonial sites loaded with prospective matches, where men and their families are looking for “suitable, homely and fair girls” for their not-so-fair –or-suitable boy. But are these the only criterions that should be considered before going in for a match? The answer is a big, bold no! So it you are really on a look out for a perfect girl or are in a dilemma as to whether or not a girl whom you like is the right match for you, we have some points which you should consider:

  • A girl who truly loves you: marry a girl who truly loves you. And by love, we certainly don’t mean who agrees to all you whims and fancies. Marry a girl who loves you and supports you in your rights, but has the guts to tell you frankly whenever you go wrong. Only the one who truly loves and cherishes you will tell you right from wrong for your own good. A girl just agreeing with you in order to make you happy is not worth marrying.
  • Who is sure of herself: Marry a girl who is sure of herself. She should have the confidence of executing her decisions and standing by them in the long run. Such a confident and strong lady will prove to be your pillar of strength in case of facing the future challenges that life might throw at you.
  • Is adaptable to new situations: a girl who knows how to adapt to new situations and places turns out to be the perfect choice for a life partner. As in most cases, it is the girl’s lie which takes a 180 degree turn after marriage. Hence, an adaptable girl proves to be a better bride.
  • Respects your family: It is the girl who leaves her family and comes and settles with her husband and his family. Hence, it becomes very important for the girl to give due respect to your family members, even before marriage. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings in future.

If your girl has these qualities, then go ahead and marry her without any second thoughts. Here’s wishing you a happy married life!

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Dressing Ideas For a Bridesmaid For a Marathi Wedding

Bridesmaid is a western culture where the bride’s sisters and friends are an integral part of the wedding. They are the shadow of the bride and have specific roles to play. Slowly this culture is venturing into India as well. Indian brides also have about 5-6 women as their bridesmaids who are the most important people at the wedding after the bride and the groom of course!

Choosing the bridesmaid is daunting task and so is deciding their attire for the wedding. We give you some ideas on how to make your bridesmaids look pretty and elegant and yet not overshadow the bride-to-be in a Marathi Matrimony.

Sarees, lehengas, anarkali suits or salwar kameez are some of the popular choices for Indian bridesmaids. However, nowadays there are special trends that are in vogue and the bridesmaids want to look nothing but perfect for the wedding.

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Match it right- Pick colors from the brides ensemble and get something made for the bridesmaid out of it. For instance if the bride is wearing an orange and red lehenga with green motifs and embellishments, you could get simple lehengas made in red and green for the bridesmaid. This will give them a unique look and they will be matching with the bride as well.

Contrast is in- Today, contrast is also in vogue so you can choose a completely different color for the bridesmaid’s attire that goes with the bride’s ensemble but has no resemblance to it. For instance, if the bride is wearing an orange lehenga or saree, the bridesmaid could be dressed in a red attire or even yellow. The two colors are different but they blend in well. It will make for amazing pictures as well.

Color Play- Usually, bridesmaids outfits are monochromatic using a single color. Think out of the box and get different color outfits for each bride. You could plan to have all the hues of the rainbow or choose two-three colors that blend in well like red, orange and yellow have the bridesmaids wear these shades so no particular color gains prominence.

Mix and match- The bride and her team of bridesmaid can mix and match their color scheme. If the bride is wearing a combination of purple and pink with purple being the base color, the bridesmaids could wear the opposite with pink being the base and purple the other color. Along with the colors the bride and her bridesmaids could also mix the type of outfits they plan to wear. If the bride is wearing a lehenga for the main function, the bridesmaids could wear sarees. For some of the pre-wedding functions they could swap.

Indian weddings are all about color, celebration and fun. Lets bring out the colorful best in a Marathi matrimony through the variety of outfits the bride and the bridesmaid can wear. These simple tips will help you plan for your big day in a more aesthetic manner.

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How do the Oriya Wedding Rituals Steal Our Hearts

Simplicity, minimalism and straightforwardness are the apt words to describe Oriya matrimony in a nutshell. You need to bear in mind that if there’s anything truly cultural and upholds or reflects the identity or cultural essence of a community, it has to be wedding. A typical Oriya wedding ceremony exemplifies this thought. While marriage rituals and traditions are undoubtedly a time of revelry, it’s indeed a stupendous thing that Oriya weddings don’t maintain any extravaganza or opulence, so to speak. There’s no special effort to go spend lavishly or create a gala wedding blitz.

To know how of the rituals in Oriya weddings are special and steal everyone’s hearts, you need to know what they are and the things they represent or uphold. That’d give you all the answers.

  • Starting with Nirbandh: The pre-wedding rituals start with Nirbandh, which formally sets the engagement of the boy and girl. The respective fathers of the bride and groom take an oath, stating that they’ll get their children wedded to one another. The venue is the bride’s house preferably. Interestingly, the couple themselves doesn’t participate in this ritual.
  • Jayee Anukolo ritual: Typical to Oriya matrimony, it stands for the wedding rituals’ beginning phase in Oriya weddings. This is soon followed by the organized distribution of invitation cards or you may call it nimantran patras for the scheduled wedding. The most wonderful thing about the culture is that the first card is sent to Lord Jagannath in Puri. He is considered to be the family deity. The maternal uncles of the bride and groom get the second card.
  • Mangan and Jairagogo Anukolo: Elders bless the bride by applying mangan and turmeric paste on her. There are seven married women to do this part. Then she goes for a ceremonial bath. The main aim is cleansing and beautification prior to the D-day. The following custom represents the fire’s stoking after the she gets her ceremonial bath.
  • Diya Mangula puja: It stands for the congregational prayers offered at revered the Goddess temple. The family’s female barber provides toe rings, bangles, wedding articles and sindoor of the would-be bride to the goddess/devi to ask for prosperity and bliss for the girl in her married life.
  • Onset of wedding traditions: The main gig starts off with barajatri, the same word caters to Bengalis as well. It stands the groom’s majestic entrance into the wedding venue with his entourage. It includes a lot of pomp and gusto. He’s welcomed by the bride’s mother with a rice tilak and aarti. His kinsmen are warmly welcomed as well and taken to the hall with a lot of respect and courtesy.
  • Baadu pani gaadhua: Post the groom’s entrance, a member of the bride’s family gives her the news. They take her away for another ceremonial bath just before the actual rituals start.
  • Kanyadaan: This ceremony launches main wedding rituals. The bride’s father gives her hand to the groom, asking for a pledge that the guy will take good care of his daughter.

The ritual takes place at the bibaha bedi. It’s a wooden structure decorated with leaves and fresh flowers.

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Oriya Weddings: Things That Make it Special

Every marriage ceremony in India is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. The preparations are so grand that they have a festive aura and flavor in them. Oriya matrimony has its own specialties and while it gets pretty bland and repetitive to talk about the rituals and attires to decode the freshness or special features of any culture, one would say that it will be a good idea if we spent some time exploring the cuisine as well. Reason being, a crucial aspect of any marriage ceremony has to be its cuisine and Oriya weddings are no exception to this.

The people spare no efforts and edge to make it a lavish and lip-smacking affair. Considering the rich and diverse heritage of the country, each community and region entails different flavors and delicacies, which is reflected in the food served in the weddings.

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  • Getting into basics: Orissa has its own niche when it’s about food and weddings are great example wherein you can savor different dishes, reveling in a typical wedding meal of the state. Most people are quick to assume that Indian meals are spicy and dipped in oil. The best this is that food served at Oriya matrimony is not that insanely oily. It’s very tasty without those concentrated spices. Well, before you come to the conclusion that mild varieties aren’t enough to interest, please rethink because a flavorful platter is ready to captivate your taste buds.
  • The dominant food: The state’s cuisine draws heavy influences from the Bengal and Puri regions of the country. Being a coastal state, fish and seafood definitely dominates the menu. For those who are avid lovers of pure seafood, an Oriya wedding is your best place. It doesn’t end here as there are lots of dals, sweet savories and a host of auxiliary Indian dishes.
  • Noting the ingredients: When it comes to typical and seasoning ingredients, papaya, jackfruit and plantains are an imperative. The curries are all richly flavored with quality, dried mango powder. It also includes spices like cumin, fenugreek, mustard and kalonji. It also contains coconut. As you move more to the local areas, the style and food preparations may slightly differ from one wedding to another. While some parties swear by those precious curry leaves, you have others who prepare the meals with mustard.
  • The seafood trip: The delightful and delicious culinary exploits in Oriya wedding begins with different seafood varieties. The main dishes that you cannot miss at any cost are Maccha besara. It’s the reigning kind is Oriya wedding cuisine. That’s the fish cooked in rich mustard curry. They also serve the Maccha Mahura or the vegetable curry carrying fish along with locally sourced veggies. Many weddings also put other sea delights like Chinnchada, chungdi Malai tarkari and so forth. You can gorge on the variety of seafood delicacies with different rice specialties.

They also serve Dalma with other curries, including aloo potato rosso, chaatu rai, kadai manja rai and santula. You also have several types of chutneys as a great side dish. Then you have the desserts.

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An Uttaranchal Wedding and Its Beauty

The beauty of an Uttaranchal wedding can be seen in all layers of the Euttaranchal Matrimonial. Starting from the engagement ceremony and mehendi to ganesh puja and Suwal pithai and duliagarh, the festivities and fanfare resonate loudly in each of them. The uniqueness of these weddings comes from a variety of factors. The bride and groom are perceived as Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu and the treatment is on that scale. Another striking and unique feature of these weddings is that in the engagement ceremony, it’s not the bride and groom who exchange the rings. It’s their respective fathers who do so.

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It’s symbolic of the fact that a marriage is an union of two families and the two heads mark that union.

  • The Varmala ceremony: The loud and radiant ceremony is all about exchanging the garlands. It takes place post Duliagarh ritual and the groom proceeds towards the mandap or center stage. After he has taken his seat, the girl also joins him. They are accompanied on the stage by family members and close friends. Together, they make the special moment all the more special. They exchange the Jai Mala and the delighted invitees cheers the wedding couple with a loud and big round of applause. The applause is often accompanies by gigs and a few friendly crackles and jokes.
  • Photo session followed dinner: Once the couple has finished exchanging their garlands, you’ll find that the camera begins to roll out excellent pictures and wonderful snapshots of the couple enjoying with their relatives, friends and family. The guests shower their blessings on the couple, congratulating them on their nuptial day. Followed by the elaborate photo session, you have the sumptuous feast. It’s absolutely lip-smacking and all invitees enjoy the meals. By the time each guest has tempted and filled his/her plate with tasty, delicious food, they don’t waste much time to throng to the eagerly awaiting dance stage. They go there to set it on fire.
  • Songs, dance and beats: The energy-boosting beats of the Dhol are a remarkable feature of Euttaranchal Matrimonial. The marriage procession and guests dance to its beats, welcoming the groom. After the dinner, they dance to captivating and thumping Pahadi numbers, making the night most momentous. Dinner and dance go hand in hand too. After the seemingly unending fanfare, the couple eventually gets the scope to have dinner together. Their family and loved ones accompany them for a special dinner. That’s a very happy moment for the newlyweds.
  • Kanya Daan and holy ceremonies: After doing all social formalities, the priest comes to the forefront, conducting several sacred rituals and elaborate ceremonies. They perform the rituals as per the auspicious ‘lagna’, which is the stars’ positioning according to the kundali or horoscopes of the couple. It takes a few hours to complete the ceremony and it typically lasts an entire night and continues till early morning.

In the most important and emotional Kanya Daan ritual, the bride’s mother and father sit to perform it. They keep a fast on that day. It’s considered to be the most pivotal donation or sacrifice that any parent can ever make.

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Things That Make Uttaranchal Weddings Special

Weddings in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand are definitely a magnificent affair and celebration of the union of two souls. It’s a great platform to meet your near and dear ones from the distant towns and villages, spending some gala time and cheerful moments with them. For all the Pahadis out there, you sure know the fun and madness that seizes a Euttaranchal Matrimonial. The sights, the sounds, the smell and the scenes in the scenic places are ingredients to make these weddings so very special.

If you’ve missed out on a Pahadi wedding or would like to go for one, here the best highlights of the marriage ceremonies that make them a cut above the rest.

Kundali Milan
  • Beautiful and prettified Pahadi women donning the Nathuli-Pichoda: Uttarakhand women sure know to dress to impress, especially at weddings. They put their best foot forward on the special day by draping themselves in stunning garments and teaming them with their traditional Nathulis and Pichoras.
  • The lip-smacking and one of a kind food: Pahadi dishes are from some another planet, it seems at times. Food made in the weddings is inviting and toothsome. You cannot resist the temptation from the rich aroma coming from the flavorful and varied cuisines. Popular choices include Mandua ki Roti, gahat ki daal, Kafuli and Jhangore ki kheer.
  • Nathuli of the bride: The star attraction of Euttaranchal Matrimonial has to be the beautiful traditional style and look of the Pahadi Nath, called Nathuli in local parlance. Revered for this transcendental and chic appeal and design, the nose ring or Pahadi Nath has emerged as a prime fashion statement for the brides of this region. The mammoth and gorgeous gold nose ring has attained a lot of popularity over the years. You can spot it in all Uttarakhand weddings.
  • The sight of the Rangwali Pichoda: It’s an embellished garment worn by the beautiful Kumaoni brides. They are considered to be the symbol of marriage. You need to remember that Pichorra entails a rich legacy, which one generation passes on to another. Interestingly, it’s the lone bridal ensemble that’s indigenous to the state’s pristine Kumaon region.
  • Dancing to the crazy beats of the famous Dhol-Damau: The drums are played in all Uttarakhand weddings with awe and gusto. They make the entire ambience exuberant and lively. The invitees dance to the thumping beats of the Dhol and make it memorable for the wedding couple and their families.
  • Pahadi songs and the tip-tapping feel: Any marriage conducted in this beautiful region will be incomplete without belting out the mellifluous and captivating Pahadi songs or tunes. It doesn’t matter if you’re from that state or not, nobody can resist themselves from swaying and dancing to the beats and tunes of the melodious and euphonious music of this region.
  • Guests perform pahadi group dance as well: A unique sight in these weddings, the group dance on local folk songs is one of the prime highlights that make these matrimonial so special.

You can see the excited and beaming faces of friends and family members, all dancing to the songs.

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