Marriage dating: Does it even exist?

Marriage as an institution has been around for long before our forefathers. Marriage is still one of the few institutions which continues to flourish and is based on a system of mutual belief, respect, commitment and adjustment. Commitment and adjustment are at the physical and, more importantly, at the emotional level. In the modern day of digital generation it has become even more important to know ones partner before tying the knot. With large number of people looking for their partners online and things moving forward faster, dating remains one of the means to know your would be partner.

How big is it in India

Marriage dating, or dating with marriage as the aim is a relatively newer trend in India. With matrimonial sites being the means of choice towards finding the perfect one and with most individuals preferring to do the “looking” on their own, dating becomes an essential. A study says that almost 30% of people in cities and metros, who date, are doing so with marriage in mind. Of course the numbers are much lesser in smaller towns and in the rural areas.

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What to keep in mind while Marriage Dating

While being a new concept and with the popularity of marriage dating increasing with time there are certain pitfalls. Marriage dating can lead people to be duped, can be unsafe and can also lead to heartbreak. Though these are more uncommon; certain dos and don’ts which one must keep in mind include; one must develop a sense of confidence in the person you are meeting for the first time. Beware of frauds. You should divulge information slowly over a period of time as it will keep you and your secrets safe and away from misuse. Also, initially you should meet with an aim to know more rather than fall in love. Also, have a wide network and meet maximum people even if at the same time. It will widen your horizons.

How Marriage dating helps

Marriage dating is a superb idea for those who are looking to tie the knot but don’t know the people they want to meet. It gives them the opportunity to meet and know more of the person before settling on them. You can never know a person enough, but dating gives you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people and to know your own likes and dislikes as well as understand what your partner wants. It is an iterative process of knowing you own self.

While marriage itself can be difficult to enter, marriage dating ensures that you have enough time to make up your mind about the person. It’s here to stay and is a thing of the day.

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Marriage dating: A welcome change from the daily boring routine

The trend of online dating is fast picking up all over the world and the latest entrant in this field is marriage dating. It is the perfect way to meet your would be partner and know all about him/her before tying the knot. In fact most couples do not want to go the traditional way of finding mates now as there is an enigma and charm of spending time with your life partner before marriage.

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Everyone today is embroiled in their routine lives of work, home and work again with no or very little time left to seek love or experience the first flutters of romance. Hence, the virtual world of online dating and marriage dating work wonders and is doing exceeding well. It just opens a whole new world of probable people you would like to spend the rest of your life with. It also adds some fun and excitement to an otherwise dull and mundane routine life. But there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind while engaging in such activities. We help you understand them.

Get it right– Today; there are a plethora of online dating sites that cater to the needs of those looking for love or at least the likely chance of finding love. However, one needs to be careful and correct in making the right profile in order to attract the right person. Ensure that your profile depicts the real you with a small brief about yourself, your interests, passions and hobbies. Put up a natural looking yet nice picture and also write about your expectations from the person. This will help filter out the junk and only likeminded people will contact you.

Go niche– Also, these days there are targeted sites that focus on interests like marriage, lifestyle and religion. Get onto one of the sites that deal with marriage dating so that there are more chances of finding someone like minded as well as like-intentioned. Else you will take the trouble to meet someone only to find out that he was only interested in flirting or having a fling. Marriage is a serious matter and needs you to have well intentioned and thoughtful individuals seeking the same thing as you do.

Less is more– Have a good time on your first date- share stories, get to know each other but don’t stretch it too long. Keep something for the next time you meet. Keep him intrigued about you so that the spark remains. Marriage is like a marathon and hence, you need to pace yourself well so that it remains interesting in the long run.

While wading through these marriage dating sites and enjoying all the fun and excitement that comes along, just be a little cautious. Add a dash of instinct with a pinch of common sense and you will definitely find “the one” made for you.

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