Tips for a Stylish But Affordable Telugu Style Wedding

Telugu matrimony is considered as one of the most amazing affairs and has many rituals and customs to follow. These people are very rigid when it comes to their rituals and pursue them religiously. The wedding is usually an extravagant affair and to make it happen in your budget you need to make few arrangements. There are many ways to make your wedding stylish and yet affordable.


Having a low-cost wedding is definitely a practical preference for couples these days that are on a tight budget, mainly during peak season. When you have a strict budget, then you don’t necessarily have to settle for cheap wedding ideas. You can still make your wedding stylish and look elegant in the budget. Here are few affordable wedding ideas to make your wedding stylish.

Make your budget:

Make sure you know your budget for everything in the wedding. It is the primary thing that you need to consider before planning the wedding and one of the most significant things a couple must consider. Most of the people have very restricted budget to spend. You need to think about your wedding dresses and few extra expenses that may cut down the wedding cost.

Get wedding dresses on rent:

You can get your wedding dress on rent as the cost incurred in the wedding dress is quite high and you can actually save a lot of money. When you can get the dresses on rent, then there is no need to buy new ones. Men’s designer tuxedos are easily available for the groom for their Telugu matrimony. You can even go for bridal designer stores and seek help from a designer if they can arrange a bridal Lehenga or a gown on rent. Bridesmaid can also check various designs on rent from these shops. It’s a reasonable affair and can save your huge amount that can be used in other important things. This way you can make your wedding dress look stylish and in the budget.

Invite fewer people:

Make sure you invite fewer people when your budget is tight. Don’t invite acquaintance and known people instead call only near and dear ones on the wedding. Wedding cards will also be printed less in this case and try to go for online card invitation through emails, messages, what’s app and another medium.

Hire a wedding planner:

When you hire a wedding planner for your Telugu matrimony then he will take charge of all the arrangements and make your wedding stylish affair that too in the budget because once they know your budget, they plan everything accordingly.

Design your wedding cake:

Do not let yourself sad over a design of cake as you can even do that all by yourself. Designing and baking a cake isn’t tough and you can seek help from your family and friends. Make a stylish cake in the budget.

Opt for white cake or plain chocolate:

You can choose white cake or plain chocolate as the gift and thank your guests for arriving in the wedding. This is the cheap and wonderful gift for your guests that make your wedding exclusive.