Dressing Ideas For a Bridesmaid For a Marathi Wedding

Bridesmaid is a western culture where the bride’s sisters and friends are an integral part of the wedding. They are the shadow of the bride and have specific roles to play. Slowly this culture is venturing into India as well. Indian brides also have about 5-6 women as their bridesmaids who are the most important people at the wedding after the bride and the groom of course!

Choosing the bridesmaid is daunting task and so is deciding their attire for the wedding. We give you some ideas on how to make your bridesmaids look pretty and elegant and yet not overshadow the bride-to-be in a Marathi Matrimony.

Sarees, lehengas, anarkali suits or salwar kameez are some of the popular choices for Indian bridesmaids. However, nowadays there are special trends that are in vogue and the bridesmaids want to look nothing but perfect for the wedding.

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Match it right- Pick colors from the brides ensemble and get something made for the bridesmaid out of it. For instance if the bride is wearing an orange and red lehenga with green motifs and embellishments, you could get simple lehengas made in red and green for the bridesmaid. This will give them a unique look and they will be matching with the bride as well.

Contrast is in- Today, contrast is also in vogue so you can choose a completely different color for the bridesmaid’s attire that goes with the bride’s ensemble but has no resemblance to it. For instance, if the bride is wearing an orange lehenga or saree, the bridesmaid could be dressed in a red attire or even yellow. The two colors are different but they blend in well. It will make for amazing pictures as well.

Color Play- Usually, bridesmaids outfits are monochromatic using a single color. Think out of the box and get different color outfits for each bride. You could plan to have all the hues of the rainbow or choose two-three colors that blend in well like red, orange and yellow have the bridesmaids wear these shades so no particular color gains prominence.

Mix and match- The bride and her team of bridesmaid can mix and match their color scheme. If the bride is wearing a combination of purple and pink with purple being the base color, the bridesmaids could wear the opposite with pink being the base and purple the other color. Along with the colors the bride and her bridesmaids could also mix the type of outfits they plan to wear. If the bride is wearing a lehenga for the main function, the bridesmaids could wear sarees. For some of the pre-wedding functions they could swap.

Indian weddings are all about color, celebration and fun. Lets bring out the colorful best in a Marathi matrimony through the variety of outfits the bride and the bridesmaid can wear. These simple tips will help you plan for your big day in a more aesthetic manner.

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How To Wear Blue On Your Wedding Day

Breaking traditional colors on wedding has become a new trend. It has become more and more style statement and fashionable to smash with traditional color for most of the contemporary brides and grooms perhaps want their matrimony gowns and sherwanis to be different and unique. They want to reflect their own class and style with these new colors. One of the most popular colors that bride and grooms are choosing these days is blue. Indian bride going gaga over the blue color as this color is classy and break the rules of traditional red color. Choosing the wedding gown or Lehenga color can be equally admirable method to make an impressive matrimony. There are still some tricks and tips that one should keep in mind while purchasing the bridal wear and gown.

Hair color and skin tone:

Hair color and skin tone are the two important aspects that one should keep in mind before choosing the bridal wear color and groom’s outfit color. Make sure you should choose the color of your wedding attire that compliments your hair color and skin tone. Some colors usually enhance your skin tone and coloring whereas some will simply destroy the complete look. Royal blue color is the one color that suits every skin tone. You can blindly choose this color as blue is one of the royal color. For example, colors like blue and its tones perhaps considered as an appropriate color for dark and fairer skin brides and grooms equally. This will make skin looks brighter and glowing.

Bride Wedding Dress
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Wedding theme:

You need to consider the color of your wedding theme prior choosing the bridal outfit color. The shade of the wedding dress should harmonize with the matrimony ensembles as it doesn’t mean that the brides maid and bride should wear the same gown color. If bride and groom are choosing blue color then brides maid should choose the color that compliments with bride and groom outfits color. Indian bride is breaking all rules nowadays.


Various colors perhaps create different feeling as well as suit various wedding themes. Bridal dresses in blue looks extremely beautiful when combined with pink and golden. You can choose the combination to make the look mature and sexy.


You need to choose color according to the wedding season. Indian bride usually prefer light tones in summers dark tones in winters. For instance, spring matrimony perhaps call for new shades of blue and pink. You need to choose colors according to the weddings season.

Wear blue on your wedding day:

You can wear blue with all confidence on your wedding day as this is the color that goes well in all seasons. You can decorate the wedding theme as blue and pink or blue and golden. Keeping this color in mind you can design your attire that compliments with groom’s outfit. Blue is the royal color and loved by one and all. It enhances the skin color and makes you look more beautiful. Blue is considered as a royal and classy color.

How To Match Your Bridal Dress With Your Groom

Weddings are special occasions especially for the bride and the groom. It is the most important day for the couple and hence they must look their stunning best. A lot of planning goes into deciding the bride and the groom’s attires in today’s age of fashion and style. We give you some tips on how to look and feel your best on your wedding. From opulent embellishments to the latest cuts and styles, you will have it all to create something magnificent for your wedding. You could also look at some of the matrimony sites to get some ideas.

Contrast it right – One good way of teaming up the bride and the groom attires is to have contrasting shades. In fact contrast is in vogue now days. The bride can wear a green and gold lehenga while the groom can contrast his outfit with a gold sherwani and take a green silken scarf with it. You could also go in for a complete contrast. For instance, the bride can look pretty in a sapphire blue lehenga with gold embellishments and the groom can look striking in a white sherwani with just a hint of blue on the collar and cuffs.

Wedding Dresses
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Multi-coloured Attire – Bold is beautiful so go on and adorn a multi coloured attire. Combine all the earthy tones like orange, yellow, browns and team them up with some pastels. Both the bride and the groom will stand out in this colourful yet pretty combination.

Go retro You can go in with the classic, all time favourite combinations of red and gold. They are the typical colours on the wedding colour palate. Every bride dreams of wearing the quintessential red and gold lehenga with a heavy dupatta. She looks every bit like an Indian bride in it with intricate gold jewelry. The groom can match her style in a golden sherwani or kurta with a red scarf that has gold embellishments on it.

Regal Look Embrace the royal grace of matching white and gold outfits for both the bride and the groom. The bride can look stunning in a white and gold brocade saree with embellishments on it while the groom can look dapper in a white and gold sherwani with a turban and a silken scarf. He can accessorize it with a long pearl and gold neck piece.

Wedding day is the most important and special day for any couple. They are the showstoppers of this grand event and all eyes are on them with the glitterati following them every inch of the way. So it’s important that they look their best. With these tips they are sure to bedazzle at their wedding.