Saree Options For a Marathi Bride

Marathi Matrimony is the most simple and least grandiose wedding within India with emphasis laid on rites and rituals. Even a Marathi bride does not go over the top in terms of makeup, wedding attire and jewelry. Infact a Marathi bride is dressed simply yet looking very elegant in a traditional ensemble and jewelry with simple makeup.

Traditionally, a Marathi bride would always wear a nine yard saree from the conventional loom. It is a Paithani silk saree in yellow or green as these colors are considered auspicious. However, today, with modernity taking over every aspect of our lives, a Marathi bride also dresses up in different styles of sarees and also varied kind of sarees. Lets have a look at the variety of options that she can work around.

Multicolor Bridal Saree

Traditional Nine yard saree– A Marathi bride looks the best in a nine yard saree draped in the traditional style usually in green or yellow. All the jewelry and other accessories are visible well when the saree is draped in this manner- the waistband, the armband, head piece, necklace, the nose ring and of course earrings. It makes her look elegant and powerful at the same time.

Six yard saree– Many brides also wear the regular six yard saree and pin it up well so that the waistband and the arm band are visible. The bride looks evidently beautiful in this ensemble as well. The saree could be in any silk loom. The popular looms in Maharashtra are paithani, narayanpeth and ikkat. However, these days, brides choose other fabrics and looms as well. They are usually in silk and a bright colour to add to it.

Stone embellished saree- With immense influence from Bollywood, Marathi brides have also started wearing stone embellished and zardosi sarees for weddings and if not for the main function, they definitively try to get a designer wear for one of the pre- wedding events.

Unique Saree Styles– Brides like to try out new styles of saree draping to give a different look to their attire. Gone are the days of wearing a normal styled saree, today brides experiment with novel styles often aped from their favourite movie start or celebrity.

Every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day and how she will look on that day. These varied saree options can make any bride look like a damsel and steal a million hearts. So get set to look beautiful and elegant on your big day!

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